Save space in your house with Garde Robe

Imagine the luxury of endless closet space? Thanks to Garde Robe world’s first and only luxury wardrobe storage based in Manhattan, New York City members can maintenance their off-season or infrequently worn wardrobe furs, shoes, hndbags, and accessories.

Garde Robe offers impeccable solution for storage and valet service providing first – class climate control environment.  It also serves as a host of elegant and convenient “wardrobe butler” services for fashion devotees with extensive and beautiful wardrobes.

Garde Robe’s seasonal service allows Quintessentially Members to switch their closet from Fall/Winter to Spring/Summer garments without lifting a finger, freeing up much-needed closet space year-round. Unlike standard storage companies, Garde Robe’s wardrobe experts will come to your home to pack and collect the items that are not being worn regularly as well as photograph and catalogs every stored item, thereby providing clients with 24/7 visual access through their exclusive “Cyber Closet” concept.

Offering same-day delivery and pick up service, Garde Robe delivers your desired garments in ready-to-wear-condition upon request. You can also enjoy your travel luggage free. Just leave it to Garderobe who will pack and ship your belongings anywhere in the world.



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