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After Sun Math

Biologique Recherche is what I call made-to-measure beauty. Essence of a perfect solution for the sun-damage faces drank up with the vitamins and actives found in the serums and creams.

Their products are ultimate Solution for all skin type needs and problems. This cosmetic line delivers skin care effectiveness in its purest estate.

Minimalistic design, Maximalistic results. Brand is based on an original concept: The essence of simple serum mixture to use with active ingredient that repairs the skin instantly.

You just need a syringe to get every drop of the sanctuary elixir COLOSTRUM SERUM to avoid any access of bacteria from getting in, and follow with CREME RELIPIDANTE to get maximum skin repair effect. You can also mouisturize your skin, body and hair with BENEFIQUE OIL which has a very pleasant sent and rich texture. Great for before and after being exposed to sun. Karin also advised me to mix this oil with their full of actives body cream EMULSION ORIGINALLE. The repair face of targeting specific need for tonic and firm body can be best restored with magical CREAM REPARATRICE alternated with new revolutionary product SERUM MATRICIEL that has been getting standing ovation in French Voque.

Banish summer unprotected skin beauty problems and Don’t leave home without using these products!




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