Do hair make the woman?

Would you like to have healthy glamorous hair? If you answered yes then I am taking you to the RIGHT PLACE Leonor Greyl hair spa in Paris France.

Their last 40 years of expertise and high-end hair care product innovation is true love of their profession. I have visited them recently in Paris where I indulged myself in a personalized non-agressive hair straightening treatment called Mexican blow-drying free. This treatment is so effective with immediate results of healthy radiant hair specifically adapted to all hair types. They use high-grade natural ingredients environmentally safe with delicate aromas, and plant extracts silicone, parabens free.

Its innovative advanced sophisticated technique rescues damaged hair bringing instant hydration, luminosity, and vitality where traditional blow-drying damages your hair severely. The whole process took about one hour, and it gave my hair spectacular shine, strength, glamour, and beauty. It was incredible experience and I wish they had their hair spa in NYC. Their internationally renowned products and treatments are used and loved by the top models, celebrities, and beauty experts.



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