Russian Dolls jewelry for Angelina Jolie

Russian Dolls by Svetlana stylish and chic unique jewelry is taking fashion scene and celebrities by the storm.  In the modern interpretation Svetlana creates upscaled exquisite hand made traditional “Matrioshka” of Russian heritage that passed from generation to generation.

Russian nesting dolls are the hallmark of Russian collectible items.

They exemplify the family because the word “Babushka” means grandmother, and “Matrioshka” references “Matriarch”, or mother in a family .

Sveta, Casha, & baby Natasha represent a signature of nested trio locket dolls, on a matching silver chain.  Can be worn as a nested trio or separately. Made of silver body with enamel face and belly where gemstone, diamond, birthstone or sapphire eyes, sparkle its beauty and hint the hidden treasure inside.

Russian Dolls are extremely popular among the hottest celebes like Christina Milan, Nicky Hilton,  Alex McCord, Maria Menounos and many others.

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