Eyelash Emergency!

Eyelashes can make the eye look old and tired if untouched, but put some mascara and eyeliner on and BOOM! Your eyes are given a new life. Lash extensions take the power of maintained eyelashes to the next level by improving the length, thickness, and fullness of your eyelashes.

There are 3 variations of extensions:

1. False lashes (temporary)

  • Applied directly to the eyelid
  • Not to be worn in the shower, overnight, or while swimming
  • Meant to be used for a single day or a couple of hour
  • Cost starts at about $3 at a typical drugstore and can go up in price depending on the material of the lash (but why spend $50 on lashes you’ll wear for less than a day!?)

2. Eyelash extensions (semi-permanent)

  • Does not come in contact with the eyelid
  • One lash extension is applied to the tip of each individual eyelash
  • Can sustain showering, swimming, and overnight wear
  • Meant to last until the natural eyelash falls out – can last for weeks or months
  • Process takes 1-2 hours and is to be done by cosmetologist or aesthetician
  • Can cost anywhere between $100 and $500

3. Medically enhanced process

  • Drug prescription
  • Allows natural lashes to lengthen and thicken on their own
  • Costs about $125 for a month-long supply of the drug

No matter the color, size, or shape of your eyes they always seem to look better with a touch of mascara and eyeliner – am I right? That’s because eye makeup is meant to attract attention to our eyes and make them more dramatic. Extensions achieve that more naturally bold look, and when extensions and makeup go out on a date together they are unstoppable. Visit the eyelash extension specialists at ebenezer.

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What You Should Be Wearing This Summer

1. The Prints

Prints are in! Printed dresses, printed skirts – shorts, tops you name it! There is an eclectic variety of prints on the runway this season that range anywhere from tribal and cultural prints to animal patterns. The particular dress above can be found here.

2. The Bootie

The bootie is essential this summer. Pair it with a sundress or shorts and a tee. It is versatile and adds a summery touch to any look!

3. The Cocktail

The party has arrived! There will always be parties, and so there will always be cocktail dresses. The above dress is a perfect summer cocktail style with the light purple and equally light material and can be found here.

4. The Neon

Pops of neon are showing up all over the runways. The simple addition of a neon handbag or blazer can add the perfect amount of color to a summer outfit.

5. The Sheer Top

Sheer tops go great with any bottom and are the perfect lightweight alternative to a classy button-up. Whether you decide to dress it up with a pencil skirt or down with printed shorts, it is a great addition to your summer wardrobe!

6. The Maxi Dress

The maxi dress trend is nothing new but it’s still alive and kicking on the summer runways. It provides a great feminine feel. Pair a cotton maxi with sandals for a simple street look or a fancier dress with wedges for a classy occasion.

7. The Bold Necklace

Bold statement necklaces are this summer’s hottest accessory. Wear a solid top with a wilder necklace and you’ve got this summer’s classic look. Try pairing this bold necklace style with the sheer top look! Check out this green forest necklace here.

Look for these great trends and more at shop.boutiqueon57.com.

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Brendon Buchard re charges how to activate 10 human drives


Brendon Buchard re Charges us with his latest “blue print” guide how to activate 10 human drives to keep us alive. Those drives control everything we think and do.

The book emerges step by step what it takes to be fully engaged, fulfilled, and connected in today’s life craziness. It introduces the idea how to trigger and meet our needs in order to unleash our own success potential. Each one of us can find meaning and power within internal charge. Often finding more direction and clarity is by revealing and focusing on human conditions. When our focus is in the right direction with “the right energy” we can get more things done and contribute more.

“If people spent as much time worrying about how to make a difference as they do about how they could make money, then they would soon find themselves rich beyond belief.” You must focus on adding value to the consumer of your products/service. Let “add value” be your mantra.

Brendon’s sincerity is revealed in tons of great advice on expert knowledge. He does a great job of discussing the mindset necessary for success in any business. He lays out the recipe of overcoming all fears and masterly leads to the place where we can feel engaged, courageous, vibrant and fearless.

The author leaves your with plenty of great ideas, renewed enthusiasm and creates a huge charge within.

By reading this book you will definitely activate your mind!

Happy reading.