What would you do if money were not an object?


One day you suddenly woke up with an unlimited supply of money at your fingertips. How would you feel about it? What would you spend it on? A new chapter begins: It is hard to imagine all of the possibilities suddenly available to you! Would you re-decorate?72443_10200886222303000_1242881114_n

Most men I know would hurry to buy luxury cars, maybe even the most expensive car in the world like this one below from Mercedes Benz set in diamonds. world-most-expensive-diamonds-mercedes-car-wallpaper-2013The Lamborghini Veneno, a super-fast sports car goes for a cool $3.9 million dollars and only three are made each year! If driving isn’t your style, you could buy a private yacht to cruise around on the ocean, the ultimate fisherman’s dream! I personally prefer a private jet to avoid all the airport crowds and stress associated with travel. It comes handy once I complete my pilot license and become a pilot!575258_3818207418868_1762907804_n

Some of us dream of something different. Most of us women would love to be able to afford the ultimate, high-end designer wardrobe with shoes, handbags, and jewelry to match. imagesIf money was no option, would you buy a Hermes Berkin bag in every color? or exotic alligator skin with diamond setting that’s reserved only for special few who shop there.  Hermes-BagOr maybe Mouawad’s 1001 Nights Diamond Purse, the most expensive handbag in the world priced at $3.8 million dollars. It would certainly be amazing to walk into Bergdorf Goodman, and buy whatever you would like! Just like a celebrity, you could be dripping with diamonds, and covered from head to toe in clothing straight from the runway!release_diamond_purse(1)

Once you got your fill of diamonds and cars, you could go and eat at all of the most expensive restaurants in the world. I would definitely want to try the Haute Chocolate Ice cream from Serendipity priced at $25,000, topped with edible gold, and eaten with a golden spoon decorated with diamonds. serendipity-ice-cream-sundae-lgOr you could stop for breakfast at Norma’s in New York and get a $1,000 frittata, which is filled with lobster and very expensive caviar. You could even travel the world, trying different cuisines and learning from famous chefs! But I think after all of this food you would definitely have to hire a personal trainer to keep you in shape!fitness_coach_med

Think about this: How much stuff would you need to buy to truly be happy? Do you think that having an endless supply of money makes a person content? Comment and let us know! I think that no amount of money will ever be a replacement for happiness. Even when our economy was excelling in prosperity just few years ago, most people were found unhappy. That’s a proven fact!surrounded-by-money

It sounds corny to say, but the best and the richest things in our lives are the things that are free, like our family, friends and pets. And I promise you, if you are ever down, instead of wishing to win the lottery, try volunteering to help someone in need and you might be surprised at how rich it makes you feel!images-1



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