Why men like to please women


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The best way to every woman’s heart is to always agree with her. The myth about princess that likes to hang on their prince’s shoulder has been so cliche.

I think men seek women who are truly happy and confident. Even though they want to take all the credit for making them ecstatic. That’s why often they prefer to take a short cut indulging in dumb sweethearts who are always joyful versus some real women who are successful, and have their own opinion. They rarely feel like being their life guards called to the rescue mission.

Scatterbrained pushovers score better quality men especially when they bruise easily, loose their bags, belongings, or enter wrong bus. They are great hunt opportunity for joy givers men. Some “really nice girls” will never marry. Those who make a perfect cheesecake, love their mommy, and have a neat tidy apartment qualify to move into *American Doll Stepford wives quarters*. They are ideal to make tea pretties for their dolls. Nutty girls are alone because they are rebellious, have bad temper and scare men away. Women willingly take care of problems, hoping they will change men. On contrary men prefer uncomplicated, young, happy women. Beautiful intelligent women intimidate men with their eloquence, accomplishments, and intelligence. Often there is a competition between opposite sex on life success.

Many men think that buying the most expensive handbag in the world is the best way to win a women’s heart, or by buying thousands of flower bouquets, or even by buying a complete chocolate factory. But what they don’t know is that less is more, the little things are what matters the most. It really isn’t that difficult or expensive to please

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a woman. (Wink) Furthermore, men are there to make you happy, make you feel wanted, and make you feel protected.

But as I said previously, what really makes a woman happy are the small things, the details. Things that are thoughtful, romantic, kind, funny, and yes guys, SENSITIVE! There is more happiness in giving than receiving, and by giving you become an even better person in the world.

Both men and women want the same, they want to feel connected and attracted just like two pairs of magnets. For starters, a man is looking for a woman with a smile, a woman that he can make happy, a woman he can live with for the rest of his life. But in order to find that happiness, a woman needs to find happiness in her inner core. If you want to make others happy, then you should start on making yourself happy first. Secondly, a man should not only be charmed by her smile, but also by the rest of the package, whether it is her personality, her brain, her body, her loyalty, affection, or her mysterious charm.

Men have alter egos, and when they are around the woman they love and the person who they want to spend the rest of their lives with, they alter to their superhero ego. Superheroes are known to be saviors possessing extraordinary talents or superhuman powers, and when they are around you, they are not afraid to use them; they will protect you and cherish you through thick and thin.

In the end, men and women, we are all equals, equals who share feelings, equals who don’t want to end up alone, and equals who need that special someone to share the love with, apart from keeping some for yourself. So treat others the way you want to be treated, love others the way you want to be loved, and respect others the way you want to be respected.


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P.S. As always I would like to hear from you on what do you value in men? What’s the best way to your heart? Share your comments, suggestions and tips with the rest of us.KASIA



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