Better dressed people score more success

MEATMARKET-53MEATMARKET-23KASIA IN REDMEATMARKET-57MEATMARKET-18MEATMARKET-49MEATMARKET-22Personal appearance equals the way you represent yourself. It reflects the way you dress, or fix your hair, it tells a lot about yourself and the way you want other people to see you. In other words, first impressions stick with people, whether you are going on a first date, heading to you first day of work, people REMEMBER. So why not help people recall your first day of STYLE. This is the best form of self-expression. It only takes five minutes to fix up, so make it worth it. When you take that extra time you will feel better and more confident for your FIRST day.

I remember as if it were yesterday my first day of work. I was getting myself into a new, scary, and unknown world, the world of fashion. I felt like an ant in a world of elephants, ready to be stepped on by one of those massive creatures. I wasn’t clear of what I had to do, what I had to wear, or what I had to say; it was all just a blur. But I knew that those were the nerves kicking into my system. So I decided to step it up, I got that job for a reason, so I might as well squeeze the juice out of it. Or, as other people would say, “grow some balls”.

I opened the building doors wearing the best, elegant, and chic outfit I could find in my wardrobe. This was it, the day I’ve been waiting for my whole life. And turns out it wasn’t as bad as I thought; I got to meet new people, got complimented by my outfit (the best part!), and did a great job. I caused a good first impression on my boss and co-workers, and build up confidence that helped me outperform on work. As I always like to say: “when you feel good, you look good”.

First impressions can influence the way other people treat you and look at you. If you look messy and confused that’s the way people are going to see you in everyday life, but if you look decent and respectable, then people are going to see you and treat you that way. So always dedicate at least five minutes to you, it’s not hard and it will bring rewarding consequences.


Donna Karan NY black white stripe dress

Giafranco Ferre red satchel bag

P.S. As always I would like to hear from you. What is your idea of scoring success? How do you dress for this part?



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