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Pyramids of Louvre  


Seine river


La Parisienne



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Leonor Greyl hair spa

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24 Hours in Paris

Only have 24 hours to spend in Paris? No problem. Let me help you prepare in advance (because winging it just won’t cut it this time). Don’t miss your chance to visit some of the best spots in Paris. Follow my lead and you may just have the best 24 hours of your life.

Lets start with transportation. If you’ve ever taken a taxi in New York then you’ve probably heard of Uber, a chauffeur-like service that will pick you up and get you where you need to be without the hassle of hailing a cab or dealing with a shady driver (or should I say less shady?). Well Paris has something similar, but better, called Le Cab. This new white glove chauffeur service will pick you up in a Peugeot car and have you where you need to be at a fair price in the knick of time. Not only is it the best way to get around the city, but most of the drivers resemble a young George Clooney. Need I say more?

If you prefer to get some exercise in and walk everywhere, please keep in mind the streets of Paris resemble that of a labyrinth. So be sure you have cell service because you’re going to need your good old friend, Google Maps. And if you haven’t mastered French just yet, you can count on this handy friend to direct you in your native tongue. That’s reassuring.

Now we move on to lodging. Paris can be very tricky if you are on a tight budget. Hotels are either very expensive and offer minimal square footage or they’re affordable but absolute shit (pardon my French!). Luckily, I’ve had the opportunity to travel a lot over the years, but regrettably I have to admit there isn’t much available in a decent price range. Because I want to help, let me let you in on my best-kept secret, Boutique Hotel Relais Saint Germain. At around 250-350 euros, you’ll receive quality service from a friendly staff, and a cosy beautiful room. And the best part, you ask? A delicious and memorable complimentary breakfast, perhaps the best in Paris. Just thinking of their freshly baked croissants, cafe au lait and assortment of breads and baguettes with homemade jams makes me drool. Their dinner menu is also incredible and if you are a hotel guest you will have no problem to get a table there. And the location is unbeatable. Stay at Hotel Relais and you’ll be walking distance from just about every popular St. Germain spot.

Now that we’ve covered breakfast, lets move on to lunch (because you’re really here to eat right?). Go all out and put your best attire to use. Show off your style, work that sweet charm of yours and live, even if only for a moment, like a celebrity. When you lunch at L’Avenue that is exactly what you’ll do and you might recognize quite a few special guests such as Kim Kardashian, Jean Dujardin and Beyoncé. But it’s not the crowd that makes this Parisian wonder, but their phenomenal menu. The fresh, spicy tomato juice is to die for. And the avocado tomato salad and steamed dumplings, again I’m drooling at the thought.

When you finish stuffing yourself with all of these delicatessens you may agree its time to burn off a few of those calories. What better way than a scenic stroll along the Seine River while admiring the breath taking views? And make it more than just a moment by stopping at the bridge and writing your initials or a special note on a lock. It will be a memory you never forget.

But your day isn’t over and there are still memories to make. Lets move on to french toast, shall we? No, I don’t mean its time for breakfast again (although I know I wouldn’t mind). I mean it is time for a champagne toast at the Bristol Hotel. Natalia Vodianova, the supermodel, is a frequent guest here and if you’re the type who likes to see and be seen then you’ll certainly enjoy happy hour at the Bristol.

After some champagne it is time to treat your body. If it’s rejuvenation you seek, then allow me to share the best spas around. At the Ambassade of Beauty of Biologique Research on Champs, Elysees will eliminate, smooth and lift all of your face wrinkles and imperfections without the use of a knife. Or ask for Marlene, who has golden hands, and after 90 minutes of pure ecstasy she will have reduced years off of your visage for only Euro 150.

And with perfect skin, comes perfect hair right? Head to the Leonor Grey hair spa at 15 Rue Tronchet, 75008 Paris, France +33 1 42 65 32 26. Their 60 minute hair treatment is the most relaxing and rejuvenating experience my hair has ever had and it was followed by a Mexican hair straightening treatment that did not overheat or damage my hair. Check it out and I promise 40 minutes later your hair will be shiny, straight and ready for your next Parisian adventure.

If you are in the mood for shopping, Le Bon Marche has a lot to offer. If it’s art you prefer, you must visit the Mona Lisa at Louvre. I must confess that after twenty years of visits to the city of lights I have yet to make the trip over there. I know, shame on me. But I promise to make that visit on my next trip. Maybe you can let me know how it is?

Moving on. My favorite thing to do in Paris is browse the local pharmacies. There I love to shop for shower gels, cotton balls (the softest you will ever find), wooden q-tips, the incredibly scented Soupline fabric softner, my favorite Caudaline Vigne perfume and so much more. But if you aren’t much of a shopper and find yourself hungry yet again, then you must visit Pierre Herme. They have incredible pastries, macaroons, hazelnut cake, millfoie, and lots and lots of chocolate. It can be pricy but the experience is so worth it.

To end your day, you’ll need the perfect dinner. I recommend La Societe or Hotel Costes where the most beautiful people come to wine and dine. No matter which you choose, I am sure you will be impressed with the menu, decor and surroundings offered at both places. And don’t stress out deciding between the two. Coincidently, it’s the same owner serving the same menu at both places, but you’ll find the experience to be completely different.

Lastly, don’t forget to take plenty of pictures of the Eiffel Tower to show your friends upon your return home. You’ll want evidence of your amazing day in Paris.

Bon Voyage!




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Fall Happy Therapy






This is the resent fashionable trend running its corse throughout the world. One melody suggesting of having a good time. Well… what are we waiting for? It seems so easy to dance to its music. It only takes to smile a lot and automatically feeling good, right?

Not so fast, but for a lot of us it’s a start. Simple as that.  We ache to declare to the world our love to life even if its crazy. “We fake it until we make it”                This pre-optimistic tendency is not lame and harbors some serious grounds to be happy about. “I m happy” trend encourages us dressing well to feel-good. It registers an initiative of expression in our clothes if we love life. We find our joy in softness of fabrics, prints and comfort, and carry ourselves according to those feelings. Its a joy to be wrapped with those happy threads. And for me if I can combine it all with comfort food its a match made  in haven.

When we reach this MELODIC Nirvana it often feels like we want to scream out from the top of the roofs to the world. Because once you dress yourself with this cocoon of joy most likely “everyone will dare to wear the same dress”.

So remember your golden rule of sweet satisfaction always comes from within!



P.S. As always I would like to hear from you what makes you happy and tick? Share your happy comments, tips and suggestions with the rest of us.


Blumarine brown knit dress

Etro gold jacket

Moschino beige bag

Roberto Cavalli gold metallic pumps

Gray flower necklace



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Downtown girl versus Uptown Girl



MEATMARKET-20MEATMARKET-27+MEATMARKET-50Sorry Paris or Milan, but New York is considered by many to be the fashion capital of the world. A home to two very distinct styles, Uptown and Downtown Manhattan, Big Apple is also home to many designer labels, including Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein, Donna Karan, Vera Wang, and Zac Posen. But to look like a true New Yorker, you have to dress like one. So what style are you going to pick? Uptown or Downtown?

Uptown New York is known for its posh and “unwalkable” Fifth Avenue, sophisticated Madison Avenue, and noiseless Park Avenue boutiques. Socialites and prominent families reside in it. Uptown New Yorkers have classic and label loving styles, they are very fresh, pure, and lean toward contemporary fashion.The best way to recognize an Uptown girl strolling through Madison Avenue is by the luxury she carries, whether it is designer handbags, hat or oversized round sunglasses.

On the other hand, Downtown New York shows a completely different side and vibe of the city. It’s known for its neighborhoods, such as West Village, MeatPacking, Tribeca, and Soho, also known as lower Manhattan. Mostly musicians, artists, hipsters, and free spirit people reside in it. People are INDIVIDUALS, they dress as they wish and are not afraid to mix patterns with layers. The key to dressing like a downtowner is to be fearless, confident, and love DENIM. They are not afraid to wear layers with leopard prints, or wear neon colors with baggy sweats.

But, if you really want to be a loyal and true New Yorker and BREAK THE RULES, mix and match both styles and make it your own. Don’t be afraid, no one’s going to judge! Wear leopard pants with Valentino pumps, or a Chanel bag with a Rolling Stones tee, be original and stay true to your style!



Dolce & Gabbana white t-shirt

Chanel black shorts

Dolce & Gabbana black pumps

Fendi black leather baguette


Donna Karan NY black white stripe dress

Giafranco Ferre red bag

Moncler sunglasses

P.S. As always I would like to hear from you what is your favorite style? Which elements of Downtown or Uptown girl you have in your outfit? Share your comments, tips and suggestions with the rest of us.




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The Importance of Meditation in Your Fast-Paced Lifestyle

meditation-1 6N0B1983 copySWISS-12When you get off the subway in New York City you better have a clear destination in mind with a route mapped out or prepare to be trampled by natives who do. Everyone is in a perpetual rush and break is not a common word in our dictionary. After all, this is the city that never sleeps. We’re too busy making dreams come true to find a moment to relax. And I must admit I am no different. With the release of my first fashion line approaching, Boutique On 57 and my raw chocolate business, there is hardly time to catch a wink of sleep. I am constantly traveling to find the latest designer clothing to bring back to you at discounted prices. But as a health educator, I am also well aware of the importance of rest and relaxation, as well as the consequences of the lack thereof. Because I refuse to give up any of my dreams, as none of us should, I have had to find a way to relieve stress in my life that allows me to regain my sanity and focus. How, you ask? One word: meditation. Meditation is a very useful tool to add to your daily routine for multiple reasons and there are multiple techniques. With a little research, you can find the best option for you. Whether it be 45 minutes of yoga, gazing at nature or a short, deep breathing exercise, you will soon find yourself wreaking benefits. Meditation has been known to help with a lot of health-related problems including depression, heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure and general pain. It is the most inexpensive (really, it can cost nothing) treatment for all of these issues and one faced by almost everyone, stress. It is a very simple skill in managing stress and increases self-awareness, allowing us to focus on the present and reduce negative emotions. Perhaps you need to clear your mind before bed to catch a few extra Z’s. Maybe you’ve been searching for a new perspective on a work project. Or you might just be looking to restore your inner peace on your lunch hour. No problem – the benefits of meditation are unlimited so give it a try! KASIA P.S. As always I would like to hear from you what relaxes you? How do you come down your nerves? Share your tips comments, and suggestions with the rest of us.


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