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The holidays have come and gone. All that hard work you put into finding the perfect present for your significant other and baking holiday cookies for your work party finally paid off. But lets be honest, by the 26th you were exhausted. Fortunately, by the 31st you had rested up a bit and it was time to throw on that gorgeous cocktail dress of yours, or perhaps some silk pajamas for a cozier night in with loved ones; either way you raised your glass at midnight and toasted to the new year, and a new you.

But today isn’t the first of January and it’s possible you’ve already broken some of your resolutions. Yes it can happen that fast, and no you’re not alone. Many people get carried away with resolutions for a better year and fail all to quickly. It’s why you can find a greatly discounted gym membership this week. They know you’ll head to the gym for a few days, maybe weeks or months but eventually stop going and forget your being charged monthly. It’s a trick and a struggle we can all relate to.

So whether you’ve already broken a few resolutions or you’re just looking for some advice on how to keep the promises you made to yourself, I am here to help. Here are a few tips that I hope will lead you to a better year in 2015, and a better you!

Eliminate the “shoulds.” When you made your list of resolutions this year were you thinking of what you really want? Or were you thinking about what you “should” want based on the general public or opinions of others? Don’t waste your time by committing to a change you don’t really want because it won’t last and you’ll only feel defeated. Making a change, no matter how big or small, is difficult. Make sure your resolutions are ones you really want to commit to so you won’t waver when things get tough.

Choose wisely. As much as I would like to make 20 resolutions for 2015, I know that the more I make, the less focused I will be. It’s better to focus all of your energy on two or three main goals in a year than to spread yourself thin across 20 and not fully complete even one goal. In order to be successful, I advise you narrow your resolutions down to just a few that are most important to you. That way, you won’t worry about overwhelming yourself and throwing it all out the window. Commitment is key. Give yourself a fighting change by focusing on only a few.

Plan it out. Now that you’ve made some real resolutions it’s time to get specific and make a plan. Let’s say your resolution is to eat healthier, reword it in a way that gives your clarity on what exactly that is.  For example, instead say “I will learn to cook one new, healthy recipe every week,” or “I will only eat out twice a month.” Then write what steps you will take to follow through. Maybe you commit to researching recipes and making your grocery list every Tuesday night, doing the shopping every Saturday morning and cooking the actual meal every Sunday night. By creating a routine for yourself that you can realistically follow, you will be less likely to slip up because there are no excuses. You know exactly what you need to do, when you have the time to do it and how you will do it. Stay honest with yourself and create an action plan that works for you.

Keep your head in the game. You chose these resolutions. You eliminated the ones you didn’t really want for yourself. You committed to doing these few things because it’s what you truly desire. And you made a plan to make it happen. But how will you make sure you stay on track? Maybe you need to set repeat mobile reminders incase you lose focus. Or maybe you have a tendency to lose your motivation. Try changing those reminders to inspiring quotes that get you excited so when you get a random pop up on your phone with a great quote, that motivation will flood through you all over again. And if technology isn’t your friend, try doing the same thing with pen and paper. Create a chart for yourself that you can stick to your fridge or add it all to your wall calendar. Find what works for you and do it now. You will thank yourself later.

Hold Yourself Accountable. Like I said earlier, we need to be honest with ourselves. We aren’t always perfect so we know a slip up is possible. Just like you did when creating an action plan and making your own reminders to keep you focused, you have to plan ahead for failures and have a consequence ready for yourself in case of emergency. For example, let’s say you ate out three times this month. Then tell yourself that the amount of money you spent on that third meal out has to be donated to a charity or corporation you hate. This way you’ll think twice about slipping up because you’ll be forced to do something you don’t want to do.

Reward yourself. You’ve put a lot of energy into these few resolutions and prepared for the worst, but the end goal doesn’t have to be your only reward for keeping your resolution. You are displaying discipline. You’re working hard. You deserve a reminder that you are doing great. Reward yourself. Maybe your goal was to lose 5lbs a month for the entire year. If you’ve stayed on track every month, buy yourself a new outfit or treat yourself to a manicure. Not only will you feel great for losing those 5lbs that month, but you will also be excited to do it again next month.

Now is the time to set yourself up for success. Follow these few, simple steps and you will be on your way to success, and a very happy new year!


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P.S. As always I would like to hear from you what is your New Year’s resolution and how you are planning to make it happen? Share your tips, suggestions and advice with the rest of us.



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