Best Colors to Wear this Summer 2015


CARLY-1CARLY-3+CARLY-4+CARLY-6+CARLYI am a huge believer that bright personalities are attracted to bright color schemes, which is definitely useful when deciding what to wear this summer season. I have noticed an obvious emerging style of pairing secondary colors together in outfits as well as prints. Prada’s summer line showcases this exact trend by highlighting the color orange in numerous outfits while keeping colors like purple and green strung minimally throughout.

If secondary colors are not much of an adventurous leap for you, perhaps you need to look towards On57NewYork for some iridescent inspiration. I love this collection since it combines the various bold colors, classic silhouettes and simple styles of the summer.  It blends everything into one easy stylish and colorful fashionista trend. Perfect summer colors this season seem to be cooler and warmer hues, which are somewhat reminiscent of nature. Many clothing lines have adopted a more ethereal look this summer, using understated brights and pale pastels to achieve that dreamlike hazy aura.

I personally gravitate towards the brighter tones of turquoise blues and yellows, most likely because they remind me of water and evoke a feeling of tranquility. At the end of the day, regardless of which colors seem to be in style or trending in the fashion world, you need to feel comfortable and fearless in whichever shade you decide to sport. If your heart is telling you one color but Vogue is pushing for the opposite, choose what looks best on you. The greatest accessory this summer besides your colorful exploration will be the confidence and attitude that comes along with it!


On57NewYork turquoise blue dress

On57NewYork yellow dress

Christian Louboutin red pump heels

Christian Louboutin pink pump heels

Gucci clutch wallet


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What to pack for your summer vacation trip





If you are like me, who likes to travel and constantly lives on the suitcase then one of the best parts about the summer season is vacationing. But, if you are also like me you wait until the last minute to pack and suddenly you are stressing about what to bring! Step back, take a breather, and relax because I am here to make your last minute closet raid easier and, of course, chic.

The first area that needs to be tackled is exactly what type of climate will greet you in the destination you are planning to go. I am hoping that no one is trying to visit the snowy Alps, or Chile glacier this summer, so much of what should be brought includes a lot of breezy, lightweight and colorful attire. My favorite and most essential items to pack for any getaway are a variety of bathing suits, and beach dresses. Depending on your figure or mood, I typically pack an assortment of styles. On days that I want to feel sexy I bring my itsy bitsy Agua Bendita bikini. However, there will be those days I want to channel my inner couture and slide into my bright red two-piece from Michael Kors. And lets not forget about those days where your sunburn has taken over and you just want to relax in something a bit more casual. I always remember to pack a comfortable beach cover-up, and recently I am in love with colorful styles from Emilio Pucci.

Let’s not forget about the outfits that happen once the sand is washed away and your skin is applied with aloe. Going for an evening out during vacation is a chance for you to showcase that tan as well as how fashion savvy you really are! A perfect vacation look is a flowy yet feminine sundress that either tapers at the knee or stops just below your ankles. Anything with a bright color or sultry cutout is essential for that night out on the town. Lastly, what kind of fashion blogger would I be if I didn’t comment on the ideal shoes to bring for such a trip? During the day I love to slide into my CHANEL wedge slides, and eventually I switch into my slightly more playful Nicholas Kirkwood flower embellished sandals . These are just some of my many must-have vacationing items, but I want to hear from you. What pieces would you not be able to live without in paradise?


Ermanno Scervinno ruffle dress 


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Chic dressing with Easy Closet Makeover

boutique 1+

boutique 3+

Being an active fashion shopper, I think it is safe to say I know a thing or two about closets and what should and should not be in them. If you are like me, sometimes the amount of clothes, shoes, handbags and accessories that I accumulate can be a tad mind-boggling. However, I can never seem to part with any of my beautiful fashion finds which is why over the years I have become an expert organizer and clutter eliminator.

One of the most essential items to kick start your closet clean up are quality hangers. It sounds simple and almost obvious, but durable, solid space saving hangers prevent clothing from falling as well as keeping them crisp and unwrinkled. An additional time saving tip that will make your life easier is coordinating by colors. How many times have you been searching for that one blouse you want to wear but can’t seem to find it anywhere? I’ve been there and I have learned. So take it from me and please start arranging your closet based on the fabric shade and pattern! You will thank me, I promise.

It is also helpful to arrange your closet by items that you will use most frequently. These items should be stored at eye level while uncommonly used pieces can be stowed away above or below the main attire. What I find to be effective in managing your closet space is dividing like items together and storing them in similar places. So, if you have an incredible amount of sandals yet also endless amounts of belts, stores these in their specific grouping and in parts of the space that make sense. Sandals will most likely take up more shelf area, so try to pool them in bins that are only available for the appropriate season. By determining what items you will most likely wear for the next couple of months also makes organization more plausible. In the middle of summer you will not need immediate access to your fur lined snow boots, so these can be stowed outside of the closet space.

Keeping a closet that is neat will only make choosing an outfit that much more relaxing and effortless. Sifting through clothes and trying to find a spot for each item can get overwhelming. I hope these tips were somewhat helpful, and just remember that a fashion forward wardrobe always has room for new and upcoming styles. Keep your closet updated and kept to allow space for your future fashion finds. If you have any more clever suggestions to keeping your storage tidy, please share them!


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