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cosmetics-3coconut oil I have always been a firm advocate for beauty, health, and to obtain inward fulfillment and happiness. It is hard to wake up in the morning and always think of such positive notions, especially when I have to get ready for the hours ahead of me. Of course the best is when you get pampered from head to toe. Regardless, these reassuring goals are reflected in my daily routine and are represented in the products I choose to use.

The simpler the routine the better; at least in my eyes! Beauty should not be something that you put on every morning, yet rather a natural radiance that you choose to highlight. Coconut oil is such a big part of my daily routine and is not only used after my eyes open in the morning. I love to use brand from Artsana Raw Organic Extra Virgin in my beauty regimen. I brush my skin with this oil before I shower, and have noticed it has helped with the overall softness. I also apply the coconut oil to my hair and face and recommend this product to everyone. Sometimes I like to mix it with high quality essential oils from DETTERA. They come in different scents and are food grade. Each scent has its profound purpose and they are perfect to be used in smoothies, juices, flavor the food, as fragrance, deodorants, for skin irritation, blemishes, headaches, cramps. Its usefulness is unlimited.  I can share a great oil pulling secret with you that will also whiten your teeth on the top of killing all germs and bacterias. Its been around for so long and originated in Aurveda madison. Just when you about to jump into the shower take 2 tbs of coconut oil and gurgle for 10-15mins. When time is up spit it out. Under any circumstances don’t swallow it. Rinse your mouth with warm water to extract all liquid mixed with saliva and follow with teeth brushing.  Within 3 weeks your teeth will whiten and breath will significantly improve.  On days that I want to deeply rejuvenate my skin I apply a homemade oatmeal, honey and avocado mask. The more natural products you use on your skin the more naturally radiant your skin will become!

Makeup should also be kept minimal yet fresh, which is why I use oil-free tinted sheer moisturizer for a light coverage from Natura Bisse. I fell in love with this product as it evens out the skin tone and gives a smooth glow to your complexion. It keeps the skin breathing while adding a dewy radiance that lasts the entire day.

For a truly fruity and sweet scent I apply Caudaline perfume which smells much more expensive than it actually is. Each time I wear it I get asked all the time which fragrance is it. Its fresh, fruity, light and will be pleasant to everyone’s nostrils. It comes in different scents. My favorite is the VIGN.


Coconut hibiscus butter is also a must and is applied to protect my skin from UV sun  damage and keeps it hydrated. My beauty approach is basic and uncomplicated yet allows me to face each day head on with confidence! I am such a supporter of natural beauty and allowing the products I use to only enhance my features. Are there any beauty products you swear by that cannot be replaced from your morning glamour routine?


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Few more days to wear white until Labor Day

RENE-OFFICE-13RENE-OFFICE-19RENE-OFFICE-15RENE-OFFICE-20Even though summer vacation is technically here, most of us unfortunately do not get a vacation from the office. I often try to think about cool and collected when choosing an outfit for the workday ahead. There are definitely some “do’s” and “don’ts” in dressing for work, especially in the smoldering temperatures outside. With such hot weather, I try to keep my outfits breezy without showing an uncomfortable amount of skin. Instead of wearing a completely strapless top, I often pair it with a matching blazer or vest to keep the sense of professionalism.

My true feminine side comes out whenever I am draped in one of my favorite dresses. The key to wearing dresses in the workplace is to always keep it slightly above the knee or longer. Even though you may have the best legs in Manhattan, it is never a becoming look to have your coworkers see more than they signed on for. Gucci’s summer line of business clothing will satisfy that need to be girly while still being refined especially when the thermometer exceeds ninety degrees.  The styles and cuts of this line are conservative, yet the tailoring of each piece will flatter your figure and keep your shape.

What would the summer months be without flip-flops and sandals? Although I am a girl at heart who loves the comforting feeling of strappy shoes on her feet, there is room in the workplace for more stylish and polished options. To satisfy your comfort, but not to surrender your style, wedges and low heels are perfect for all day long events and meetings. Lanvin wedges are sleek styles that won’t blister your feet in the already blistering sun. Some other great designers to keep in mind for your perfect workplace summer shoe are Salvatore Ferragamo, and Chanel ballerina flats. Cool, calm and comfortable are the fashion workplace goals for this season. What kinds of office attire do you style yourself in when trying to keep dry this summer?


White pant suit  –  Dolce & Gabbana





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