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Wearing a scarf in the summer? Yes you heard correctly! I know you’re probably thinking that there isn’t such a way, but think again! There are plenty of ways to style a scarf in the summer (without sweating)! The key is finding the right lightweight and sheer scarf, keeping your look cool and weightless on your neck during the summer heat. Wearing a brightly printed shall with your summer style is a perfect way to add the finishing touch to your outfit. Here are just five creative ways to inspire you to spice up your wardrobe. Bring on the summer scarves!

  1. Using the scarf as a hair accessory: You can simply lay the scarf around your head and over your shoulder as a head wrap to show off the scarf’s beautiful print that gives your outfit a pop of color. Another way to wear this style is folding the scarf in half and then tying it around your head for the use of a headband. Both of these fashions are perfect for keeping your head light for the heat, and also allowing you to cover up when you’re having a bad hair day (yikes!). Pair a brightly printed scarf with a simple sundress and your favorite stylish shoes and you’ll be walking down the New York City streets feeling like a million bucks.
  1. Wearing a scarf during the nighttime: Its an effortless way to look chic with minimal accessories. Find the proper scarf that you can wrap around your shoulders to add sophistication when going to a lavish dinner or drinks with your besties.
  1. On your purse strap: When wanting to add that finishing touch to your attire, easily tie the printed scarf on your purse strap to add excitement and to draw attention to your fashion-forward look. Effortless right?
  1. Neck Tie: AKA, the newest of the scarf styles. Find a smaller scarf that you can fold tightly to fit around your neck. Make sure to leave the knot facing towards the front and slightly to the side and voilà, you are the trendiest girl on the block.
  1. The traditional way: The sun may be hot, but that shouldn’t restrict you from wearing a scarf in the regular manner. Add the sheer scarf solely to lay over your tank top to amplify your outfit with this staple piece.

A scarf can do it al!l

P.S. As always i would like to hear from you how do you accessorize and wear your scarves. Share your comments, tips and suggestions with the rest of us. I would be very appreciative if you could share this post with your friends through social media.


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