Hair-dos for the summer- that anyone can do!

Ladies, it’s now time to try out those hot summer hairstyles you’ve been waiting for! Let loose and spiff up your look with these perfect hairstyles that will give you perfect looking locks! It’s time to try out some of your #HairGoals and be an inspiration to other fashionistas!


Sexy curls- It’s time to put down the straightener and welcome in your curler! A classic look that gives your hair the volume it needs throughout the whole day. This style is very versatile; it can be an all day look that will make complete your entire get up looking good! You’ll be turning heads left and right with your perfectly styled hair!

Warm and cool tones- Blonde highlights always look great in the summer sun to brighten your look. Be creative for the summer and add some bright colors to your hair, or even get crazy with adding rainbow colored dye. These colors wash out after a few weeks, especially with all of the summer swimming taking place, so no need to worry about your hair color at the end of the summer! Try something different!



Tousled waves- Get your teasing comb ready ladies because these waves scream the natural loose beach waves. Loosely curl or wave pieces around the face or all around the head. Make sure the curls look natural and light to give off an effortless look. This style is a great look for when you’ve been at the beach or at the pool all day. Perfect to compliment your new tan skin!

hair 5

Half up half down– When you’re limited with time, the easy thing to do is to put your hair in this look! You can pin half of your hair up with a clip or put it into a bun. This hair-do is carefree, but still can be stylish and chic, giving you a boho summer look. The slightly messy look is trending this summer, and now it’s your time to rock it! You could wear something casual or flirty with this look, but I vote flirty!


Sleek straight – You can still get the pin straight, shiny fresh looking hair! Sometimes, just blow-drying your hair straight is the easiest thing to do when you want to compliment your look! Just don’t forget the anti-frizz cream for the very humid summer nights, we all know what I’m talking about!

hair 3

air 4

P.S. As always I would love to hear from you. What is your favorite summer hair do and how do you keep it fresh and hip? Share your comments, tips and suggestions so we can all benefit from everyone’s experience.


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Get Fit, Get Real with Tony Horton PX90

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Special thanks to Tony Horton

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What an amazing weekend it was at Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY. Two days spent with fitness guru Tony Horton. We worked out, talked about the nutrition, challenged our body and minds to brake all personal records of endurance and mental strength. This man is so charismatic, has the most amazing powerful voice, stage presence but foremost he gets the best fitness version out of you. I was so fortunate to share these special moments, pick his brain through this lovely conversion. His generosity and down to earth style gets you into the zone of making impossible very real. He got me so addicted and excited to follow his PX90 fitness program and life philosophy that now I can’t leave without it.

He is a three dimensional trainer, where short but intense workouts from his popular series of PX90 workout programs guarantee staggering results for everyone who gives it a try. I was so amazed to witness how 55+ years old women were passing me with their physical strength, stamina and mental toughness during the 3 challenges we did. First one was a position  of planque, second seating chair pose against the wall and last yoga tree pose. If you think its easy try to beat those records of passing 20 minutes in each pose. I guarantee you won’t. My best result was in a tree pose where I lasted over 14 minutes. The mussels fire and burn, the pain is excruciation, your mind is racing in all directions during this physical test but Tony gets you going overcoming those mental blocks. We were all supporting each other and kicking butts!!! This energy and encouragement will stay with me for a long time.

Thank you for all the tips.





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