Project flat stomach this summer

FOOTBALL-16Are you tired of hiding your belly under baggy tops? YES! Are you tired of buying pants a size too big to cover up your love handles? YES! So, are you ready to eliminate your belly and have a flat stomach? YESSS! If you really want to eliminate your muffin top for good and win an elusive six-pack, follow these steps and make it happen.

Your body is like a chain; the best way of burning that belly fat is by working all of your muscles groups in order to get that killer six-pack.  Don’t concentrate on doing just abs or crunches, work on every muscle of your body to strengthen your body and burn calories.

Secondly, start balancing on the palm of your hand and balls of your feet, that way you will core abdominal muscles, practice balance, and strengthen your chest and back muscles.

My third step is the toughest battle, eliminating love handles. The best way of getting rid of them is by doing side-bench stretch. Although they will not be removed 100%, you will break down the fat that is build in that zone of your body.

The following step and one of the most important: the food! Eliminate preservatives and focus on eating whole, quality, organic foods rich in nutrients. Beans and legumes, berries, and nuts are three great foods that help you burn fat more rapidly. So prepare a snack before heading to the gym with one of these three foods, and don’t be scare to alternate them.

This next step may be challenging for some of you, eliminating alcohol and sugar. Alcohol is your worst enemy, it contains estrogen that holds onto the weight and stimulates your appetite. Ergo eliminate it until you’ve achieved your health goal.

Our last step is to reduce sodium intake and up water intake. By reducing and eliminating sodium intake, you reduce the chances of bloating and water retention. And this is no brainer; drink 8 or more glasses of water a day.

By eating healthy, doing at least 45 minutes of exercise a day, and following these simple steps you will win that body you’ve always dreamed of faster than a heartbeat. These tips will help you shed inches and pounds, banish the bloat, and feel even more beautiful. Hello, skinny jeans!

P.S. As always I would like to hear from you how do you keep your stomach flat? Share your comments, tips and suggestions with the rest of us.



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What’s green juice got to do with fashion


RUNABLUE-19+red-dress-17 red-dress-22BLUE-18+
GREEN-JUICE-BLOG-1GREEN-JUICE-BLOG-2GREEN-JUICE-BLOG-5Ever since I was a young girl, my mother would always remind me to dress to impress. But in order to look good from the outside, you need to feel good in the inside. It takes more than just a good-looking body to rock a gorgeous Valentino gown, or accessorize with the newest Chanel bag. Beauty equals health, and if you are not healthy on the inside, every outfit you buy would be an artless disguise. The best way to start a healthy lifestyle is by drinking every morning a green detox juice. These rawlicious juices will help you kick start a healthy eating plan and cleanse your system.

When you know how to make delicious green juices at your home, your health will greatly improve, increase energy, appetite diminish, inflammation will be reduced. weight loss will occur, and gives a natural boost to your immune system. What else can you ask for? In a blink of an ye you will be wearing that Valentino gown we were talking about earlier with poise and confidence.

Rule number 1: the greener the better. The green color in the juices contains chlorophyll, that contains oxygen. This is vital you oxygenate your body. Chlorophyll oxygenates and detoxifies our cells in a very effective way, plus, it’s 100% natural and extremely healthy. Chlorophyll is even rejuvenating just like the second tip for a healthy lifestyle: gelatin.

Rule number 2: it wiggles and makes you giggle. If you are busy running around, and have no time to prepare your own juice then there are few options out there. JUICE GENERATION prepares them fresh and you can grab one to go. Otherwise brands like RAWPOTHECARY offer excellent bottled juices. For clean energy drinks I like RUNA

Green juice brings perfect balance between our inner and outer beauty. By following these easy and healthy tips, you are guaranteed to drink yourself to health!


Roberto Cavalli red dress

Biba red pantsuit

Giafranco Ferre red satchel bag

Charlotte Olympia animal print pumps


P.S. As always I would like to hear from you. Do you include green juice in your daily routine? If so which one is your favorite?


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Why men like to please women


Blumarine red dress

MEATMARKET-32Donna Karran stripe dress


Gucci white, black silk camisole top

red-dress-24Roberto Cavalli red dress, Giafranco Ferre red bag

The best way to every woman’s heart is to always agree with her. The myth about princess that likes to hang on their prince’s shoulder has been so cliche.

I think men seek women who are truly happy and confident. Even though they want to take all the credit for making them ecstatic. That’s why often they prefer to take a short cut indulging in dumb sweethearts who are always joyful versus some real women who are successful, and have their own opinion. They rarely feel like being their life guards called to the rescue mission.

Scatterbrained pushovers score better quality men especially when they bruise easily, loose their bags, belongings, or enter wrong bus. They are great hunt opportunity for joy givers men. Some “really nice girls” will never marry. Those who make a perfect cheesecake, love their mommy, and have a neat tidy apartment qualify to move into *American Doll Stepford wives quarters*. They are ideal to make tea pretties for their dolls. Nutty girls are alone because they are rebellious, have bad temper and scare men away. Women willingly take care of problems, hoping they will change men. On contrary men prefer uncomplicated, young, happy women. Beautiful intelligent women intimidate men with their eloquence, accomplishments, and intelligence. Often there is a competition between opposite sex on life success.

Many men think that buying the most expensive handbag in the world is the best way to win a women’s heart, or by buying thousands of flower bouquets, or even by buying a complete chocolate factory. But what they don’t know is that less is more, the little things are what matters the most.  It really isn’t that difficult or expensive to please a woman. (Wink) Furthermore, men are there to make you happy, make you feel wanted, and make you feel protected.

But as I said previously, what really makes a woman happy are the small things, the details. Things that are thoughtful, romantic, kind, funny, and yes guys, SENSITIVE! There is more happiness in giving than receiving, and by giving you become an even better person in the world.

Both men and women want the same, they want to feel connected and attracted just like two pairs of magnets. For starters, a man is looking for a woman with a smile, a woman that he can make happy, a woman he can live with for the rest of his life. But in order to find that happiness, a woman needs to find happiness in her inner core. If you want to make others happy, then you should start on making yourself happy first. Secondly, a man should not only be charmed by her smile, but also by the rest of the package, whether it is her personality, her brain, her body, her loyalty, affection, or her mysterious charm.

Men have alter egos, and when they are around the woman they love and the person who they want to spend the rest of their lives with, they alter to their superhero ego. Superheroes are known to be saviors possessing extraordinary talents or superhuman powers, and when they are around you, they are not afraid to use them; they will protect you and cherish you through thick and thin.

In the end, men and women, we are all equals, equals who share feelings, equals who don’t want to end up alone, and equals who need that special someone to share the love with, apart from keeping some for yourself. So treat others the way you want to be treated, love others the way you want to be loved, and respect others the way you want to be respected.


Blumarine raspberry dress

Donna Karan NY black & white stripe dress

Giafranco Ferre red satchel bag

Gucci white silk camisole top

Roberto Cavalli red dress with long sleeves

P.S. As always I would like to hear from you on what do you value in men? What’s the best way to your heart? Share your comments, suggestions and tips with the rest of us.KASIA


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2014 World Cup dress code match to play






FOOTBALL-7+FOOTBALL-11+FOOTBALL-14+The wait is over. After four years, the WORLD CUP has finally arrived, and what better place to celebrate it than in Brazil. The World Cup teams provide a carnival of color and fashion into the field, commemorating their native countries, achievements, and soccer. From Brazil’s bright yellow shirts to Croatia’s red-checkered kit, the 2014 tournament features the classics, the creative, and the unusual strange patriotic jerseys.

Fashion experts have critiqued many team jerseys and I couldn’t be more in agreement with them. Soccer or football (as most South American and European countries would say) is a classic game. Teams wear a traditional and simple jersey to represent their countries and most importantly be comfortable since they will be playing for 90 minutes. But countries like Mexico and Slovenia have completely turned tables and went from simple to flashy. Other countries, like Cameroon and Brazil should be awarded “best dressed of the day”, truly showing their native roots.

But enough about the teams and the shirts they represent. Did you know that Pamela Anderson was discovered in a football game and got the gig “of being pretty famous” just because she was a bombshell back in the day? So hey, you never know, if you’re attending the World Cup in beautiful and exotic Brazil, dress to impress, you may be climbing the next big step of your career. You can always be the next Baywatch babe!

Now, over to my favorite part, the team players! There is no doubt to say, that soccer players are my weakness. They are the world’s fittest athletes, who, by the way, often celebrate a goal by flashing their rock-hard abdominals. But, then again, to be the fittest you have to be the healthiest. Not to use the word diet, but athletes all have routines, they need to exercise every day, specially run and lift, and eat healthy to maintain their resistance and rocking bodies.

If you think about it, the story repeats itself, whether you are a soccer player, a model, or a mom, to look good in the outside you need to feel good in the inside. Clearly, to be able to wear a tight soccer jersey, you need to be lean and mean. So, no matter who you are, exercise and eat healthy, so you can flaunt with confidence whatever it is you’re wearing.

P.S. As always I would like to hear from you about your favorite World Cup moments. Who is your favorite player, team and who you want to see winning that trophy. If you were going to the match what would you wear? Share your comments, suggestions and tips with the rest of us.

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Color of this Year Radiant orchid

CAVALLI-DRESSESRoberto Cavalli vibrant Orchid dress click here 

ORCHID+BLUMARINE lavender dress click here   CELINE orchid bag click here   FENDI printed lavender skirt click here

lavenedr-dress-5lavender-dressLive in color! Although I will always love my little black dress or my oversized black sunglasses, when I’m wearing bright colors I inhale and produce good vibes. People who wear colorful clothing are more likely to live in a positive atmosphere than those who wear darker colors. So, lets celebrate color! Every year Pantone chooses a color of the year, and this year 2014, they’ve chosen “Radiant Orchid”.

Radiant Orchid is a beautiful pallet of color, mixing fuchsia with purple and pink. Did you know that purple is the charm color? It radiates confidence, joy, health, and love. The color also encourages creativity, originality, and imagination, three appearances that nowadays society truly values. Radiant Orchid is not only beneficiary for your lifestyle and soul, but also, for fashion and beauty.

Radiant Orchid’s rosy undertones radiate on your skin, producing a healthy and natural glow on your skin. It also enlivens your skin, making you feel more healthy and energetic… and trust me; there is no better sensation than that. It is flattering on your skin, your hair, and eye tones. In other words, it’s the color that perfectly suits everyone.

As a healthy fashion stylist, I always try to encourage and sneak into my blog posts exercise and healthy eating, since there is no better way of living than healthy vital living. So, imagine feeling active after a 45 minute spinning class, sipping into a raw cleansing juice dripping down your throat, wearing a fabulous Radiant Orchid dress!! Take my words that you’re are going to have more than one person drooling over you.

This vibrant color can easily lighten up and reenergize any room. Wear it! Own it! Feel beautiful and confident. It’s your time! Plus, it’s summer! Summer is the “it” season to wear Radiant Orchid, whether you are in the city or the beach, there is no doubt you are going to feel amazing.


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