Chic dressing with Easy Closet Makeover

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Being an active fashion shopper, I think it is safe to say I know a thing or two about closets and what should and should not be in them. If you are like me, sometimes the amount of clothes, shoes, handbags and accessories that I accumulate can be a tad mind-boggling. However, I can never seem to part with any of my beautiful fashion finds which is why over the years I have become an expert organizer and clutter eliminator.

One of the most essential items to kick start your closet clean up are quality hangers. It sounds simple and almost obvious, but durable, solid space saving hangers prevent clothing from falling as well as keeping them crisp and unwrinkled. An additional time saving tip that will make your life easier is coordinating by colors. How many times have you been searching for that one blouse you want to wear but can’t seem to find it anywhere? I’ve been there and I have learned. So take it from me and please start arranging your closet based on the fabric shade and pattern! You will thank me, I promise.

It is also helpful to arrange your closet by items that you will use most frequently. These items should be stored at eye level while uncommonly used pieces can be stowed away above or below the main attire. What I find to be effective in managing your closet space is dividing like items together and storing them in similar places. So, if you have an incredible amount of sandals yet also endless amounts of belts, stores these in their specific grouping and in parts of the space that make sense. Sandals will most likely take up more shelf area, so try to pool them in bins that are only available for the appropriate season. By determining what items you will most likely wear for the next couple of months also makes organization more plausible. In the middle of summer you will not need immediate access to your fur lined snow boots, so these can be stowed outside of the closet space.

Keeping a closet that is neat will only make choosing an outfit that much more relaxing and effortless. Sifting through clothes and trying to find a spot for each item can get overwhelming. I hope these tips were somewhat helpful, and just remember that a fashion forward wardrobe always has room for new and upcoming styles. Keep your closet updated and kept to allow space for your future fashion finds. If you have any more clever suggestions to keeping your storage tidy, please share them!


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Spending summer with Emilio Pucci dresses








The best part of Summer for me is to explore with bold colorful dresses with patterns, prints and being a little bare.  I love accessorizing and color coordinating my outfits with hats, designer handbags and shoes to make some colorful splashes walking the streets of NY. With the Summer officially on here comes a brighter attitude, which leads ladies everywhere to choose outfits that reflect the sunnier ambiance in the air. However, the hard part is choosing from the endless designers whose clothing attempts to mimic the colors, patterns and emotions of summer. One designer over the rest seems to expertly create dresses that allow women to feel cheerful and energized through the warm temperatures of the solstice.

Emilio Pucci knows exactly how to illustrate the good vibrations of the sunny season by using bright patterns and pops of color throughout his clothing. His dresses always seem to radiate a certain kind of energy that transcends to the people wearing them. Women everywhere like to feel confident and cheery when wearing something dressy, which is why Pucci’s playful styles deliver that perfect sparkling essence. Emilio Pucci’s dresses tend to incorporate floral prints as well as vivid designs to allow women to feel good even before slipping into any of his timeless creations. So, ladies, don’t be afraid to face the heat of July head on with a vibrant and bold dress from Emilio Pucci. His styles will envelope you in the succulent satisfaction of summer, which is a feeling that can never be out of style!


Dress: Emilio Pucci

Bag: Gucci

Shoes: Christian Louboutin

Hat: H&M

P.S. As always i would like to hear from you what kind of prints and colors you like to wear this summer. What are your favorite designers you like to wear during these hot months?



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Sweating in Style never looked so good



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Who is to say that exercising has to be such an irritating and unattractive experience? I’ve learned to switch my mind from viewing a workout as a nuisance by rather using it as an opportunity to dress and look the part. By having the right outfit to wear for a workout it becomes less about the sweat and more about the style! Without having my vibrant and fashionable gear for inspiration, I wouldn’t have been able to keep up with such a healthy and fit lifestyle. I have developed a new interest in Soul Cycling, Physique 57as well as competing in challenges that have pushed my body’s fitness levels past what I thought they could do. By looking fitness ready you will ultimately feel like no workout is impossible. When slipping on my favorite Lulu Lemon tank top and comfy Beyond Yoga pants I always feel prepared to conquer whatever activity lies ahead of me.

New trends in fitness wear make it easier to mentally prepare for the conditioning to come and they motivate me to squeeze into those tight yet trendy workout clothes. Bright colors, bold patterns, and sexy cutouts are just some of the many upcoming styles that make any session in the gym a way to show off your hard earned figure. Everyone has their own personal workout identity including their favorite labels to help them look like a fitness master. What are your favorite sports wear brands that make you feel just as confident going to the gym as you do leaving it?

P.S. As always I would like to hear from you what’s your favorite exercising apparel brand? Do you think being dressed for the part will give you extra boost of inspiration and perspiration at the gym? Share your comments, tips and suggestions with the rest of us.



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Be Glamorous on the Beach with the help of Kate Rozz:





Much like the first week or two of the New Year, the days following the initial weather change from cold to warm spark a fitness-inspired uproar around the city. Suddenly every gym and yoga studio in sight is filled with men and women attempting to work off the weight they put on this winter from binge watching their favorite Netflix series while cuddled up on the couch with a jar of Nutella and a spoon in hand. Although it’s quite doubtful they’ll see results in time, who can blame them? The clock is ticking and tis the season to strut your stuff in a fashionable, yet next to nothing, teeny bikini.

As a health educator and lover of fitness, I try to maintain my healthy lifestyle year round to avoid the wretched crash dieting panic we witness every year. I certainly hope you stuck to your green juice regimen this winter, as I did, so you don’t have to submit yourself to an unhealthy and indefinite cleanse. But whether or not you’re currently sporting rock hard abs, I will give you one piece of advice to find your motivation: shop!

There are lots of ways to motivate yourself to get back into shape, but I’ve found the best way for me is to pick out the perfect little two piece and envision myself looking absolutely amazing of course, as I prance around the beach in my brand new couture. Believe me, once you find the suit, the inspiration will find you. Now you’re only trouble is finding that suit!

Well if you aren’t already familiar with the fashion forward swimwear designer Kate Rozz, it’s only a matter of time before you become her new number one fan. Ms. Rozz made a splash onto the fashion scene this season with her handmade, printed two-piece bikini brand. And it’s about as perfect as a swimwear line can be. By combining her own personal style, charisma and sex appeal, Kate was able to create thoughtful and detailed designs that are figure flattering, stylish and comfortable – not to mention her creative, high-tech fabric structure. Inspired by Brazilian culture, beauty and Samba, Kate designed beautiful pieces that will make you stand out and feel like the center of attention on any beach.

The 2015 Kate Rozz swimwear collection comes in a variety of Brazilian signature landscape prints and divine fabrics that give off a sense of modern sophistication. And with it’s seamless design, each suit looks super sleek on the body. Personally, I find the line to be versatile, comfortable and very stylish. And with pieces ranging from $120 to $150, you can find your perfect suit without maxing out your credit card.

I have to hand it to her, Kate Rozz really is accomplishing her goal of bringing glamour back to the beaches! After finishing my 31 day Soul Cycle and Physique 57 Challenge, I couldn’t wait to celebrate by walking the white sandy beaches of Palm Beach to show off some skin in my new favorite Kate Rozz suit. And boy, did the heads turn…

Shop Kate Rozz swimwear here

P.S. As always i would like to hear from you about your bikini season preparation. Share your comments, tips and suggestions with the rest of us.


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New York healthy best restaurants with ambience

Dine Al Fresco

When the sun comes out in New York City, life suddenly returns to the streets. What once felt like a deserted city is now a never-ending block party. And the urge to join the masses on the nearest rooftop, patio or garden terrace for a meal amidst the sunset after work is completely irresistible. When the temperature hits the mid 60s, you can find me dining at one of my favorite local eateries as I scout the latest trends in fashion, while enjoying a delicious meal street side of course!

But what happens when your local go-to becomes mundane? Unlike in love, monogamy in the culinary world, and specifically in New York City, is unnatural. With options from just about every culture you can possibly imagine and with some of the most creative chefs out there, the time to step outside your food comfort zone is now. But if you find yourself feeling just as lost amongst the Yelp reviews as you do when trying to pick out the perfect outfit from a wardrobe filled with couture, then save yourself some time and energy and take my advice. Here are a few great options to satisfy your desire for impeccable cuisine and some quality sun-time.


Dirt Candy.
If it’s originality you seek, than look no further! A popular little place in downtown Manhattan, Dirt Candy is truly one of a kind. For someone like myself with a more classical taste, a place that offers Vegan tacos, and Chocolate Onion Ice Cream on their menu is not usually my cup of tea. But who could pass up the chance to try such a strange combination? Do yourself a favor, give it a try! Chef Amanda Cohen is sure to impress.

dirt candy

I’ve covered a lot of territory in the NY restaurant realm but I still constantly find myself stumbling upon hidden gems. This unique little neighborhood joint is anything but boring, from its aesthetics to its daily menu change, it will keep you coming back for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And on a warm afternoon when the windows open onto the street, Navy is the perfect place to admire all of the fashionistas of Soho while enjoying some avocado toast.


Next on my list is one of the best outdoor dining options in all of New York. With a private garden complete with lounge chairs, umbrellas and beautiful greenery, Narcissa provides a wondrous dining experience amongst a blooming garden that is sure to bring you joy. But lets be clear, the food is just as amazing as the garden! The Manchurian Cauliflower with Jasmine Rice in a Ginger Sweet & Sour Sauce is to die for and that is not an exaggeration.


The Musket Room.
With ingredients taken from its very own backyard garden, which include edible flowers, the Musket Room brings a fresh, New Zealand-inspired cuisine to Nolita. Not only will your dinner awaken your taste buds through a unique mix of flavors, but your eyes are sure to be pleased as well. The Musket Room turns plate presentation into pure art. Take a tour today!

musket room

Picture Source: Forbes

Brunch is one of my favorite pastimes and in New York City you are never short on options, but Dudley’s is by far one of the best summer brunch spots out there. Seriously, oh my color! Get your daily dose of fruits and veggies with a bright brunch plate that will leave your feeling magical. And the banana pancakes … lets just say you won’t be disappointed.

dudleys 5dudleysImage source Dudleys
So, what are you waiting for? Bon Appetit!

P.S. As always I would love to hear fro you about your favorite eating out spots. Share your  experience, suggestions, and favorite menus in NYC. We can’t wait to discover new delicious gems. 


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