Dr. Eben Alexander proves Heaven’s existence


All You Need Is Love.

The Beatles were definitely on to something when they wrote, “All You Need is Love.” It may sound cliché but whether you’re a skeptic or romantic I think we can all agree on the most powerful emotion in the world. Yep, that’s right. We’re talking about love. That four-letter word gives you all the super powers you need.

I recently met with best selling author, Eben Alexander. You may have heard of his book “Proof of Heaven” or perhaps his second, “Map to Heaven” where he revealed how he found some peace and healing through self- discovery in a tragic event. In his first book, “Proof of Heaven,” Alexander touched millions of hearts through his story of a near death experience and experience in heaven. But at the same time his story raised some serious questions and doubts held by many readers. They put him on what’s known as a “skeptical trial.” But with his own experiences validating life after death’s existence, Dr. Alexander fearlessly stood his ground and remained transparent to share his story of pure truth with the world.

Dr. Eben Alexander is one of the top neurosurgeons in the country, with a blossoming career of 25 years. He is a well-respected academic with the best credentials one can have, from both Harvard and Duke University. But he decided to risk it all by sharing his NDE that led him down the path to heaven. And as soon as “Proof of Heaven” hit the New York Times Best Selling List, skeptics and non-believers lined up in a rush to debate his story. Some questioned his sanity, saying it was all just a hallucination. Some called him delirious and accused him of fabricating the whole experience, demanding more proofs. But one thing Dr. Alexander never backed down. He was telling his own truth.

Dr. Alexander is brain expert, performing thousands of brain surgeries and maintaining a firm stance on what makes up consciousness. So it seemed surprising a man of his stature would risk his reputation to tell a tale beyond this world resembling that of a fantasy. Nonetheless, he told his story with confidence and explained his belief that the mind can exist separately from the brain. And because we do not yet have a full explanation for mind and consciousness, skeptics avoid the turn to supernatural explanations, believing it is all just an attempt to fill a void.

Dr. Alexander’s does not stand alone. Millions of people all over the world have had similar occurrences and the common dominator of most of these stories has been the feeling of unconditional love. Yes, we’re back to love. To get the most out of NDEs you must keep an open mind and open heart and let love into your life. Life and death is an unavoidable journey for each and every one of us. There are moments that we will never forget, events that change our lives forever in a split second. The steep turns that we take, challenges we face, always bring us to the same place. We are crafting the legacy we will leave behind. Everything has a price.

The questions and doubts remain of the realms of heaven. It is a concept many struggle with as we are on the path to discovery. But the overall meaning is simple; we can create love manually because it is found in our hearts manuals.

When I asked Dr. Eben Alexander for directions on how to get to heaven he said I’ll never find it if I search for it with my mind in a mechanical sense. Throughout my interview, his passionate words swept me up in intrigue and all of my questions for him drifted away. To me, his story is unlike any other. I was left in awe and filled with wonder. Unfortunately, we know finding heaven won’t be as easy as entering an access code. Open sesame? I wish! But our world is filled with many mysteries that are not easily explainable. We may never know, was Dr. Alexander’s NDE a real trip to heaven or a product of neural activity?

Science and spirituality may not be a match made in heaven, but who can determine the truth for anyone today? We need to look deeper and continue our search. We must dig, observe and keep our eyes open for any sign that leads us to truth and understanding. We have a chance to open our mind and hearts to transform our lives by accepting the most powerful feeling in the world, love. It is there we will find ourselves in heaven. Doesn’t it sound perfectly sublime?

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P.S. As always i would like to hear from you. Do you believe in Haven’s existence? How do you find unconditional Love? Share your comments, tips and suggestions with the rest of us.


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After Thanksgiving gilt-free thoughts



As much as I would like to pretend we still have months until the holiday cooking and shopping commences, the fact of the matter is Thanksgiving just passed few days ago. With the boutique perpetually busy (by no means is this a complaint) and the preparation of my new clothing line, amongst multiple other business ventures, time seems to have escaped me. And I am sure it has escaped many of you. So if you are hosting this year’s holiday (or just in charge of bringing your favorite dishes to someone else’s party) but feeling pressed for time, remain calm. I have gathered some healthy and delicious (and fairly simple) recipes that are sure to amaze all of your guests!

I have spent it in Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida with Turkey-less dishes and must say it was pretty delicious, creative and light weight.




If you are less strict then me then you may enjoy a classic side, mashed potatoes. Because what is Thanksgiving without mashed potatoes? Not Thanksgiving! However, this absolutely delicious recipe alternative is actually potato free. And no one ever has to know. Check out this low carb, cauliflower puree holiday alternative from ibreathimhungry.com. It will be our little secret.


Another Thanksgiving favorite is the stuffing dish. But lets turn this yummy holiday staple into something even more delicious. Anytime Fitness offers a gluten free quinoa-stuffing recipe that is not only to die for, but a colorful addition to your table spread.


Other not so common options, you ask? This year I am excited to try a new side consisting of pan-seared Brussel sprouts with cranberries and pecans. Yum! I will be sure to let you know how it turns out.

Lastly, let’s move on to the ultimate holiday calorie killer. Desserts. I have two options to offer you this year that I am sure you will not regret! Option one? Mini raw pumpkin pies. With a crust made of buttery pecans and chewy dates and a filing that includes pumpkin puree, coconut butter, maple syrup and spices your mouth will be watering just readying the recipe. Check it out from Cara’s Cravings here.


And option two, you wonder? Pumpkin Protein Bars from PopSugar. At only 144 calories, not only will you eat without shame, but if you have any leftover they will make the perfect quick and nutritious breakfast to kickstart your Black Friday Shopping Spree. What else could you possible ask for?


I hope one of these recipes makes your holiday merry and bright (oh wait, that’s Christmas). Anyway, I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving and stay tuned for a holiday leftover recipe post next week!

Eat. Drink. Shop. Enjoy!



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Fashionably Fit At Any Temperature

029++ to correct++

032+coats-with-christinaI had no idea just how cold the weather in New York had become until a few days ago when I noticed my heat had automatically turned on in my home. Yes, it may only be October, but winter coats have begun their annual takeover. And just yesterday as I peered through a coffee shop window while warming myself up with a nice, hot espresso, I began to shiver as I witnessed a runner casually walk by in his tank top and shorts.

I am here to tell you that as the temperature drops, you don’t have to freeze outside to get a good run in or sign your soul over to your local gym. Here are a few cold weather accessories to keep you fashionably fit all winter long.


Headband.  If you’ve never really worn headbands when working out I suggest you give it a try. Not only can it help to keep the hair out of your face, but also if you go with a larger option you can keep your ears warm and your headphones secure.

Fingerless gloves. They have may have been in style for a few years now but they are more than just a trend. Keep your hands warm, yet still free enough to skip songs with a pair of fingerless gloves. Your best bet is a pair that has the mitten option to button back so you have the ability to cover your entire hand when the weather is at it’s worst.


vest 2

Vest. A good vest can last you years and seems to have become a winter wardrobe staple and we won’t complain. It can be hard to run or stretch in a full coat. Stay free and flexible by choosing a vest instead. You can opt for a long sleeve thermal to wear underneath to keep you feeling lighter but still warm enough to go the extra mile.

If you don’t already have one or all of these items don’t stress, here are a few other tips. Try warming up indoors. This way you will already be warm by the time you get going outside. Wear multiple thin layers. You will stay much warmer than you think and still have the ability to take off a layer if necessary. Or, carry a packet of hand warmers in your jacket pocket for those extra cold days. Either way, just know that you can continue your outdoor workout all winter long!



Dolce & Gabbana black corduroy dress

Roberto Cavalli burgundy scarf

Gucci duffle bag

Oscar de la Renta ear muffs

Viilebrequin down vest

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SoulCycle Your Way to have body & mind of your dreams






The real trouble began when  I arrived at Soul Cycle and met Amanda. “How do I get your body?” I asked. To which she responded with a smirk, “let me show you”.  From that moment on she made sure I gave it my all, with beads of sweat flooding down my entire body I matched her every soul movement, pedal by pedal, energized by the intensity of the music. It was a truly soulful experience.

As a fashionista and health educator, fitness is a big part of my life. But I know doing the same routine everyday can get old quickly so I am always on the hunt for new workouts to keep my interest by constantly challenging me. Lately I have been hearing a lot about the coolest exercising trend SoulCycle. I was intrigued by the name alone and I knew I needed to find out more.

Directly from their website, SoulCycle is described as this: “With inspirational instructors, candlelight epic spaces, and rocking music, riders can let loose, clear their heads and empower themselves with strength that lasts beyond the studio walls.” Go ahead; try to tell me you aren’t the least bit curious.

So what exactly is SoulCycle and how does it work? Well, it is a cycling class that lasts approximately 45 minutes and utilizes choreography and hand weights for a full body, fat burning workout. If you can survive that long with ease, try becoming a soul survivor with their 60-minute class. But that’s not all. They also offer a class called Soul Bands where you will find resistance bands hanging from the ceiling. Still feeling unsure? You might be the only one.

Their workout attire clothing line is also worth checking. Vibrant and energetic colors like the classes itself will inspire you to pedal faster in chic style.

SoulCycle has become the newest celebrity go to workout and some even offer giveaways where you can join in on one of their classes. But even if you don’t “win” a chance to cycle with a celeb, you may just find yourself next to one (or ten) in your next class. Could it be anymore trendy?

So now you definitely want to check it out but you’re wondering how much it is going to cost you? It is actually very affordable. One class will run you $34 or grab five for $165. Or join the community with the newbies for a free class. Signups are Mondays at noon online so don’t miss your opportunity to check out the newest fitness trend for free.

And as they say on their site, “SoulCycle doesn’t just change bodies, it changes lives.” Are you in?


P.S. As always I would love to hear from you what was your experience with Soul Cycle? Share your comments, tips and suggestions with the rest of us. 

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Matthew Kenney Raw Food Vegan Culinary Academy










More Than An Education, Nothing Less Than An Inspiration

When I made the decision to pursue an education in the culinary arts, I knew I wanted to join a program that emphasized a raw, organic approach. I researched different options and wasn’t sure if I would find the right fit amongst the numerous unoriginal programs that existed. I was beginning to lose hope until one morning when I stumbled upon a comprehensive curriculum that embraced the true “art” of raw cooking. I was intrigued as I learned it attracted inspiring chefs from all across the globe and was founded in response to the increased demand for raw cooking in this industry. Like love at first sight, I knew I had found my perfect fit. So I took a leap of faith and flew to Santa Monica, California where I began learning from some of the very best at Matthew Kenney Culinary.

The Matthew Kenney mission is to advance cutting edge living cuisine and caters to those desiring “professional-style” techniques. Their programs “emphasize the use of whole, organic, unprocessed, plant-based foods to achieve healthy, aesthetically refined and flavorful cuisine.” But it was more than just frequent flyer miles and an attractive website that led me all the way to the west coast. What I loved most about Matthew Kenney Culinary was the intimate atmosphere in which you learn.

Upon arrival to Matthew Kenney Culinary I found myself admiring and pulling inspiration from their unique ambiance. I was encouraged to embrace my creativity and learn the true “art” of cooking and the preparation of raw, vegan cuisine. Classes were personalized and customized to my needs and I can honestly say I truly gained a hands-on experience. I couldn’t help but love every minute of my time in Santa Monica, learning much more than I had imagined. And to my surprise, I had the chance to learn from Matthew Kenney himself.

Not only did Matthew Kenney’s delicious cooking resemble that of a Picasso painting (yes, Picasso) but his superior approach to teaching was complimented by his encouraging, amiable demeanor. I am so gracious for his motivating and nurturing spirit and I am more than happy with my decision to fly across the country to learn from the best in raw cooking. With such a positive atmosphere, I couldn’t help but take my craft to the next level and I hope you all have the chance to taste my delicious raw chocolate and see for yourself just what I learned!

KASIAP.S. As always I would like to hear from you how do you boost your energy up? Share your commends, tips and suggestions with the rest of us. 


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