Discovering delicious food on the block at The 2016 NY Summer Fancy Food Show

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Every year I attend the New York Fancy Food Show held at the Jacob Javits Convention Center, and I must say that every time has been a tremendous experience. I went on Monday and Tuesday of June 27th and 28th and it was a major turn out. Hundreds of food booths are available for you to stop by and try their samples, and allowing you to chat and connect with them as well. Many wholesalers, retailers, and distributors all regarding the food industry come in for this show every year to make connections. There is such a huge range regarding the food that is offered to you, which is nice because you get a little taste of everything from all over the world!





Il Gelataio G7 is a gelato brand that is made in Italy and is the most delicious gelato I have ever tasted in my life. It was unreal! The company had so many different flavors to choose from to try, but I went for the Hazelnut, my all time favorite flavor. This gelato is special because of the handmade filling procedure, filling ever tub with gelato manually. They also make sure to use the best Italian ingredients and fresh Italian milk when making the amazing gelato flavors, also including everything is gluten free (yay!). My taste buds were going crazy because of how tasty this gelato was. I asked for three samples every time I was at the booth and went back for more samples the second day I was at the food show as well. I hunted down this booth because I couldn’t leave without having a taste before the show was over. The workers probably were sick of me always asking to try all the flavors. I didn’t care, that’s why they are here. Il Gelataio G7 is sold worldwide, but you can find the gelato in the United States located in California, Texas, Missouri, and Michigan.






Sigdal Bakeri is a Norwegian family owned bakery that started their crispbread production in 2010. Crispbread, aka, some of the best tasting all natural wholegrain crackers I’ve ever eaten, comes in ten different flavors, all which are appetizing! Each cracker flavor has a unique taste that contains different seeds and kernels. It’s been hard for me to find a healthy, good tasting, and nutritious cracker all in one. Talk about the perfect cracker! This was the first booth I went to at the show and it was amazing! If you pair these crisps with avocado or hummus it is the ultimate snack for the day. These crackers are sold in the Norwegian, Scandinavia, and several European markets. You can find these crispbread crackers sold online at the or their website that is available to the United States. They also are exported here in New York City.

I recommend attending the food show next summer to anyone and everyone! Come with a very empty stomach because you will be having your breakfast, lunch, and dinner all at this event! Let me tell you, it does not disappoint!


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Hair-dos for the summer- that anyone can do!

Ladies, it’s now time to try out those hot summer hairstyles you’ve been waiting for! Let loose and spiff up your look with these perfect hairstyles that will give you perfect looking locks! It’s time to try out some of your #HairGoals and be an inspiration to other fashionistas!


Sexy curls- It’s time to put down the straightener and welcome in your curler! A classic look that gives your hair the volume it needs throughout the whole day. This style is very versatile; it can be an all day look that will make complete your entire get up looking good! You’ll be turning heads left and right with your perfectly styled hair!

Warm and cool tones- Blonde highlights always look great in the summer sun to brighten your look. Be creative for the summer and add some bright colors to your hair, or even get crazy with adding rainbow colored dye. These colors wash out after a few weeks, especially with all of the summer swimming taking place, so no need to worry about your hair color at the end of the summer! Try something different!



Tousled waves- Get your teasing comb ready ladies because these waves scream the natural loose beach waves. Loosely curl or wave pieces around the face or all around the head. Make sure the curls look natural and light to give off an effortless look. This style is a great look for when you’ve been at the beach or at the pool all day. Perfect to compliment your new tan skin!

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Half up half down– When you’re limited with time, the easy thing to do is to put your hair in this look! You can pin half of your hair up with a clip or put it into a bun. This hair-do is carefree, but still can be stylish and chic, giving you a boho summer look. The slightly messy look is trending this summer, and now it’s your time to rock it! You could wear something casual or flirty with this look, but I vote flirty!


Sleek straight – You can still get the pin straight, shiny fresh looking hair! Sometimes, just blow-drying your hair straight is the easiest thing to do when you want to compliment your look! Just don’t forget the anti-frizz cream for the very humid summer nights, we all know what I’m talking about!

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P.S. As always I would love to hear from you. What is your favorite summer hair do and how do you keep it fresh and hip? Share your comments, tips and suggestions so we can all benefit from everyone’s experience.


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Get Fit, Get Real with Tony Horton PX90

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Special thanks to Tony Horton

Visit his website

What an amazing weekend it was at Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY. Two days spent with fitness guru Tony Horton. We worked out, talked about the nutrition, challenged our body and minds to brake all personal records of endurance and mental strength. This man is so charismatic, has the most amazing powerful voice, stage presence but foremost he gets the best fitness version out of you. I was so fortunate to share these special moments, pick his brain through this lovely conversion. His generosity and down to earth style gets you into the zone of making impossible very real. He got me so addicted and excited to follow his PX90 fitness program and life philosophy that now I can’t leave without it.

He is a three dimensional trainer, where short but intense workouts from his popular series of PX90 workout programs guarantee staggering results for everyone who gives it a try. I was so amazed to witness how 55+ years old women were passing me with their physical strength, stamina and mental toughness during the 3 challenges we did. First one was a position of planque, second seating chair pose against the wall and last yoga tree pose. If you think its easy try to beat those records of passing 20 minutes in each pose. I guarantee you won’t. My best result was in a tree pose where I lasted over 14 minutes. The mussels fire and burn, the pain is excruciation, your mind is racing in all directions during this physical test but Tony gets you going overcoming those mental blocks. We were all supporting each other and kicking butts!!! This energy and encouragement will stay with me for a long time.

Thank you for all the tips.





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Summer essentials packing list

Most New Yorkers spent their Summer or getaways in the Hamptons. Its such a highly desirable spot to be on the weekend enjoying sun on the white sand beaches, hanging in fashionable cafes with good looking crowd and chilling… You can be in this “paradise” just in 2-3hrs driving away from NYC. I have to admit it has been changing and evolving there for the past 20 years since I started going there myself. There are so many cool places to go for lunch, dinner, beach or longing with your friends, family or meet some cool strangers. Since you are a hip gal you must always be prepared to look trendy even on the beach while you’re at it. You want to stand out and be a trendsetter and not blend in with the other crowds on the beach.

By bringing these 7 essentials this summer vacation, I can assure you that you will have the successful and stress free time that you have been waiting for.

  1. Something to cover your head- Large sunglasses and a floppy straw hat are a MUST when heading to the beach for the day. Not only are you wearing them because its fashionable (duh) but you also need it to cover your face with the hot sun beaming on your skin (and no wrinkles). No one likes getting burnt on the first day of his or her vacation, talk about a bummer. You wear your face every day so you need to protect it!11216797_10207725760487180_549994325629523028_n
  1. Entertainment: Reading a good book like Tony Robbins Money Master on the beach or on your way in the Hampton Jitney Bus could be a great way to learn how to budget your vacation and invest for the future. Is a page turner and despite 600+ pages you will be devoting it in no time. Or you can go to Shirley MacLaine fantasy and metaphysics world with her best selling incredible book “Out on a limb” TR+10376842_10208485538041144_4051824248178770171_n
  1. Oversize towel or scarf: Lay on a very colorful bright scarf with a hip design. You will be standing out simply because of color boldness, and summer prints. This is your new staple to vacation packing! Try one from Boutiqueon57

4. Relaxed Style: Keep your style casual and cool with a fabulous cover up at the pool and your favorite sundress for at nighttime. Choose a warm color like yellow that will bring out your gorgeous tan and will also make you light up the room. Let your hair go natural and get the beach waves everyone loves. I recently got this look from my favorite hair salon in NY L’Appartement on 5 East 57th street 7th FL


  1. Snacks: We all know we can’t make it through the day without a pick-me-up snack. Rawmantic chocolate energy bars are the perfect go-to energizer. The bar is made of all raw ingredients, making the bar dairy free, gluten free, soy free, and barely any sugar. The bars come in vanilla, dark chocolate, and vegan. I could eat them ALL day.chocolate-photo-8chocolate-11
  2. Something to carry all your items in: A woven chic tote from Kaya is a perfect beach bag to travel around. The bigger the better! Who doesn’t love a huge tote bag? You can fit everything you need and more in a huge bag like this. Look for one with colored tassels on the side and you are good to go! koszyk
  3. A light jacket: The beach can get breezy at times, so its important that you bring a jacket with you so you aren’t out of luck when you start getting the ocean chills. Ditch the zip up and get CHANEL reversible light weight blazer that its casual smart and easy to travel around. Don’t forget about the cold air conditioning inside too!

Happy travels- Relax in style!

P.S. As always i would like to hear from you how do you prepare for the summer? What’s your essentials? Share your comments, tips, and suggestions with the rest of us.


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Now Behold, Healthy Rawmantic Chocolates!



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I know what you’re all thinking, another chocolate bar brand that will make you feel guilty after finishing it. Believe me when I tell you that this isn’t just like any other brand because listen up, every piece is made with organic raw ingredients, leaving everything dairy free, gluten free, soy free, and has very little sugar using stevia and coconut sugar. The chocolate flavoring comes from raw cacao powder and macca powder accommodated with mix of nuts, puff grains, and seeds. Did I mention that every bar is handmade too? This new company RAWMANTICCHOCOLATE is the real deal for healthy chocolates!

First off, the signature energy protein bar. The bar is offered in three flavors: dark chocolate, vanilla, and there is also a vegan option, using organic carob. This energy bar can be your breakfast, meal replacement or lunch, and serve you a dessert as well. This is very convenient for when you’re busy and on the go! What I love most about this energy bar is that it’s light on your stomach and it’s a whopping two ounces, what a deal! I could eat these bars for days on end.

There are delicious raw chocolates available as well, including plain chocolate squares, chocolate squares with toppings, and truffles (yum). All of the items come in dark (75%) raw chocolate and vanilla (dairy-free), all handcrafted from organic raw ingredients. The chocolate squares have toppings consisting of almonds, hazelnuts, figs, millet, and quinoa. These toppings were chosen to be conscious of common nut allergies; so many people can consume these delicious sweets! The truffles are offered plain or with amazing different fillings, as well as dipped in different toppings such as coconut shavings and hazelnuts. My mouth is watering while typing. I need these chocolates RIGHT now!

The company has done events at local markets and organic cafes, which is where the energy bars and chocolates are sold. The events have included setting up a table and putting free samples on a platter that are offered to any customers in the stores. We love to mingle with customers and make sure they have a great experience when it comes to eating these chocolates because what’s not to love?

You can feel guilt free eating these amazing raw chocolates. Is your mouth watering yet? Mine surely has. Multiple times. If you thought regular chocolate was wonderful, just wait until you try these healthy delights!


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