Summer essentials packing list

Most New Yorkers spent their Summer or getaways in the Hamptons. Its such a highly desirable spot to be on the weekend enjoying sun on the white sand beaches, hanging in fashionable cafes with good looking crowd and chilling… You can be in this “paradise” just in 2-3hrs driving away from NYC.  I have to admit it has been changing and evolving there for the past 20 years since I started going there myself. There are so many cool places to go for lunch, dinner, beach or longing with your friends, family or meet some cool strangers. Since you are a hip gal you must always be prepared to look trendy even on the beach while you’re at it. You want to stand out and be a trendsetter and not blend in with the other crowds on the beach.

By bringing these 7 essentials this summer vacation, I can assure you that you will have the successful and stress free time that you have been waiting for.

  1. Something to cover your head- Large sunglasses and a floppy straw hat are a MUST when heading to the beach for the day. Not only are you wearing them because its fashionable (duh) but you also need it to cover your face with the hot sun beaming on your skin (and no wrinkles). No one likes getting burnt on the first day of his or her vacation, talk about a bummer. You wear your face every day so you need to protect it!11216797_10207725760487180_549994325629523028_n
  1. Entertainment: Reading a good book like Tony Robbins Money Master on the beach or on your way in the Hampton Jitney Bus  could be a great way to learn how to budget your vacation and invest for the future. Is a page turner and despite 600+ pages you will be devoting it in no time.  Or you can go to Shirley MacLaine fantasy and metaphysics world with her best selling incredible book “Out on a limb” TR+10376842_10208485538041144_4051824248178770171_n
  1. Oversize towel or scarf: Lay on a very colorful bright scarf with a hip design. You will be standing out simply because of color boldness, and summer prints. This is your new staple to vacation packing! Try one from Boutiqueon57

4. Relaxed Style: Keep your style casual and cool with a fabulous cover up at the pool and your favorite sundress for at nighttime. Choose a warm color like yellow that will bring out your gorgeous tan and will also make you light up the room. Let your hair go natural and get the beach waves everyone loves. I recently got this look from my favorite hair salon in NY L’Appartement on 5 East 57th street 7th FL


  1. Snacks: We all know we can’t make it through the day without a pick-me-up snack. Rawmantic chocolate energy bars are the perfect go-to energizer. The bar is made of all raw ingredients, making the bar dairy free, gluten free, soy free, and barely any sugar. The bars come in vanilla, dark chocolate, and vegan. I could eat them  ALL day.chocolate-photo-8chocolate-11
  2. Something to carry all your items in: A woven chic tote  from Kaya is a perfect beach bag to travel around. The bigger the better! Who doesn’t love a huge tote bag? You can fit everything you need and more in a huge bag like this. Look for one with colored tassels on the side and you are good to go!                                                     koszyk
  3. A light jacket: The beach can get breezy at times, so its important that you bring a jacket with you so you aren’t out of luck when you start getting the ocean chills. Ditch the zip up and get CHANEL reversible  light weight blazer that its casual smart and easy to travel around. Don’t forget about the cold air conditioning inside too!

Happy travels- Relax in style!

P.S. As always i would like to hear from you how do you prepare for the summer? What’s your essentials? Share your comments, tips, and suggestions with the rest of us.


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Unfold your designer scarf with unlimited styles


Hand rolled large scarf (Like Hermes print & quality) click here




Hand rolled large scarf (Like Hermes print & quality) click here



Celine silk scarf click here



One scarf, unlimited styles

Wearing a scarf in the summer? Yes you heard correctly! I know you’re probably thinking that there isn’t such a way, but think again! There are plenty of ways to style a scarf in the summer (without sweating)! The key is finding the right lightweight and sheer scarf, keeping your look cool and weightless on your neck during the summer heat. Wearing a brightly printed shall with your summer style is a perfect way to add the finishing touch to your outfit. Here are just five creative ways to inspire you to spice up your wardrobe. Bring on the summer scarves!

  1. Using the scarf as a hair accessory: You can simply lay the scarf around your head and over your shoulder as a head wrap to show off the scarf’s beautiful print that gives your outfit a pop of color. Another way to wear this style is folding the scarf in half and then tying it around your head for the use of a headband. Both of these fashions are perfect for keeping your head light for the heat, and also allowing you to cover up when you’re having a bad hair day (yikes!). Pair a brightly printed scarf with a simple sundress and your favorite stylish shoes and you’ll be walking down the New York City streets feeling like a million bucks.
  1. Wearing a scarf during the nighttime: Its an effortless way to look chic with minimal accessories. Find the proper scarf that you can wrap around your shoulders to add sophistication when going to a lavish dinner or drinks with your besties.
  1. On your purse strap: When wanting to add that finishing touch to your attire, easily tie the printed scarf on your purse strap to add excitement and to draw attention to your fashion-forward look. Effortless right?
  1. Neck Tie: AKA, the newest of the scarf styles. Find a smaller scarf that you can fold tightly to fit around your neck. Make sure to leave the knot facing towards the front and slightly to the side and voilà, you are the trendiest girl on the block.
  1. The traditional way: The sun may be hot, but that shouldn’t restrict you from wearing a scarf in the regular manner. Add the sheer scarf solely to lay over your tank top to amplify your outfit with this staple piece.

A scarf can do it al!l

P.S. As always i would like to hear from you how do you accessorize and wear your scarves. Share your comments, tips and suggestions with the rest of us. I would be very appreciative if you could share this post with your friends through social media.


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Time for new designer shoes






Insider For Fabulous Style at Affordable Prices

Designer shoes; something I go loco each time shopping at Bergdorf.  The only bump in the road when looking for a great pair of luxurious shoes is the price. It can be discouraging to find your dream stilettos on the rack just until you glance at the price sticker and want to scream your lungs out why there are so digits there?  Now, before you start thinking about that pair of shoes you couldn’t buy, I have fantastic news that you will LOVE to hear. You frankly don’t have to fret anymore about that immense price! Boutique on 57 offers the same up-scale merchandise as any designer store on the market, but our discounted prices are more suitable for your bank account (hallelujah). Who doesn’t love an extra sixty percent off on the shoes you’ve been dying to have for months? No one. This is my point exactly. So what’s holding you back now? There’s never a wrong time to purchase new shoes, am I right? Iris Apfel once said, “If your hair is done properly and you’re wearing good shoes, you can get away with anything”. I don’t think Iris could be any more spot-on with that statement. There are specific shoes in store to spice up your amazing outfits that I’m confident your feet cannot wait to wear, so what are we waiting for already?! Here are the incredible shoes at an unbelievable price.


Roberto Cavalli heels click here

Honesty, what is not to love about this wonderful platform heel? Cavalli certainly made this shoe standout with it’s open toe, side cutouts, and adjustable buckle strap around heel. These heels scream “fun night on the town”. The thick heel provides sturdiness and support while you’re out and about, so there is no need to worry about twisting your ankle and falling (ouch!). These shoes are flirty yet elegant, which is a perfect way to show off your chic style.


Chrstian Louboutin emerald green suede pumps click here

Ahhh here are the timeless Louboutin’s, A.K.A every woman’s fantasy to own at least one pair. The fantastic thing about these heels is that they are a great staple for your closet. The round shape toe, red soles, and very appealing high arch are iconic. The shoes simply can go with any outfit that you put on. You can dress up or down. It’s important to find heels that are versatile and transitional when going from daytime in the office to nighttime dinner and cocktails, and these shoes offer just that. The suede heel is a huge fashion “yes!”


Gucci coral small heel pumps click here

If you’re looking to make a statement, these pumps are what you’ve been waiting for. These Gucci one-inch heels with a pointed toe can make your outfit exciting with the bright dash of color. Not to mention, who doesn’t look good in red? No one!  Like, yeah these shoes are fierce, and yes, you do love the attention you get while wearing them. These shoes do the talking for you.


Ralph Lauren wedge sneakers click here

Honestly, we all know that you are doomed if you don’t have the correct footwear on while exploring the streets of New York City. So when you’re deciding between wearing sneakers or wedges from Ralph Lauren. This shoe is the perfect answer. The two-in-one, sneaker wedges. With a braided jute wedge heel matched with off white canvas and laces, these are the perfect wedges for putting together a trendy outfit along with having comfortable feet all day long. What’s not to love? Pair these shoes with a classy skirt or dress and you’re outfit is flawless.

Remember: If you’re wearing the right shoes, then you look fabulous

P.S. As always i would like to hear from you about your shoe experience shopping and your favorite styles. Share your comments, tips and suggestions with the rest of us. And i would appreciate if you could share this blog post via your social media pages.

Happy Shoe Shopping!



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Solutions to Traveling Fashionably Light









With so many traveling restrictions forced upon us “VOYAGE” became strategic game planning. I admire those girls who travel with their high heels perfectly tucked in outfits carrying luxurious luggage. I’ve been watching them closely and decided to follow their stiletto steps.

I didn’t quite understand how they manage to stay so perfectly put together while rushing to their final destinations.
What I did understand however, were all the luxurious designer travel bags they were carrying. From Louis Vuitton to Prada and many more, it was time for me to find my perfect luggage match. Suitcase sizes and weight is always an issue for me and I have to prepare my packing painlessly. Otherwise I will be the one who will literally drug that extra weight on my shoulders at the airport terminals.

Being a fashionista and now travelista, all on a budget, I have found the simplest way to travel fashionably and light. It is merely just having the right designer bag that is professional but stylish as well. Let’s be honest, traveling and looking stylish makes the whole experience so much more thrilling. I have found two designer bags to use while getting away that are very practical and make my experience so much better. I love the luxury of Goyard foldable garment bag. With pockets for shoes, multi compartments and hanging dresses this bag is the ultimate convenience to fit it all in.!.
Another great find is large cross body messenger style by Gucci made of calfskin black leather. What I love about it is the impact of lightness and multi functionality.
I can easily pack my essentials while getting away fro the weekend, going to the gym, or carry it on the plane with me. Both of these bags make sense to travel because they are simple, durable, and luxurious.
Now every Travelonista can travel like real Fashionista.

Safe travels!

Outfits used in the photos:

Goyard Garment bag click here 

Gucci messenger black bag click here

Dolce & Gabbana turquoise blue dress click here  

Blumarine red dress click here


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Bra-Blems Solutions


 BRA-2Images credit: Click here


Images credit: Click here


Images credit: Click here

Bra-blems are something that every single woman can relate to. It’s just in the cards when it comes to being a woman that no guy can ever come close to relating to. Every woman has different bra-blems, but today I’m going to share mine. You see, it’s always been an issue for me to find the right bra that fits my cup in all the right ways. It drives me crazy when straps keep falling down or snaps in the back keep rising to the top of my head. And Underwire pierce under my skin or pop out of the bra. Some have lace that its to thin leaving not much to the imagination or the embroidery can be to harsh rubbing off the nipples. I have few of those that decorate my lingerie drawer instead of my breast.

At some point I felt like giving it up and staying bra less. It worked for a little while but I was often challenged when wanted to wear certain tops or dresses with delicate transparent fabric or lace. I was on the mission to find a perfect bra that could be soft, comfortable and do all the “special effect” tricks. I came across ThirdLove and was immediately intrigued by their solution to all my concerns. With help of few questions, deciding on my breast shape and a large assortment of newest technology bras like foam memory I knew I came to the right place. I was even offered 30 days free trial that guaranteed the comfort, and luxury I was looking for.

It’s true art to pick properly right cup size and avoid discomfort. Most of us desire bigger and perkier breast. And at certain age only few remain those assets ready to wear confidently and comfortably trendy backless dresses and low cut shirts. Some girls are forced to wear a stick-on bra, which doesn’t help them on making more full due to the lack of push up and support stick-on bras have. I researched plenty and found at ThirdLove  so many choices. My favorite was feather light breathable selection in all beautiful colors, strapless, and variety of fabrics.

Everyone’s bra-blems are a major factor when it comes to deciding what shirt to wear, and maybe my bra-blem made you feel better about yours. Happy bra shopping!

Thank you Sofia Montanarelli for writing this article

P.S. As always I would love to hear from you. What is your biggest bra-challenge and your solution to it? Share your comments, tips, and suggestions with the rest of us



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