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Dine Al Fresco

When the sun comes out in New York City, life suddenly returns to the streets. What once felt like a deserted city is now a never-ending block party. And the urge to join the masses on the nearest rooftop, patio or garden terrace for a meal amidst the sunset after work is completely irresistible. When the temperature hits the mid 60s, you can find me dining at one of my favorite local eateries as I scout the latest trends in fashion, while enjoying a delicious meal street side of course!

But what happens when your local go-to becomes mundane? Unlike in love, monogamy in the culinary world, and specifically in New York City, is unnatural. With options from just about every culture you can possibly imagine and with some of the most creative chefs out there, the time to step outside your food comfort zone is now. But if you find yourself feeling just as lost amongst the Yelp reviews as you do when trying to pick out the perfect outfit from a wardrobe filled with couture, then save yourself some time and energy and take my advice. Here are a few great options to satisfy your desire for impeccable cuisine and some quality sun-time.


Dirt Candy.
If it’s originality you seek, than look no further! A popular little place in downtown Manhattan, Dirt Candy is truly one of a kind. For someone like myself with a more classical taste, a place that offers Vegan tacos, and Chocolate Onion Ice Cream on their menu is not usually my cup of tea. But who could pass up the chance to try such a strange combination? Do yourself a favor, give it a try! Chef Amanda Cohen is sure to impress.

dirt candy

I’ve covered a lot of territory in the NY restaurant realm but I still constantly find myself stumbling upon hidden gems. This unique little neighborhood joint is anything but boring, from its aesthetics to its daily menu change, it will keep you coming back for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And on a warm afternoon when the windows open onto the street, Navy is the perfect place to admire all of the fashionistas of Soho while enjoying some avocado toast.


Next on my list is one of the best outdoor dining options in all of New York. With a private garden complete with lounge chairs, umbrellas and beautiful greenery, Narcissa provides a wondrous dining experience amongst a blooming garden that is sure to bring you joy. But lets be clear, the food is just as amazing as the garden! The Manchurian Cauliflower with Jasmine Rice in a Ginger Sweet & Sour Sauce is to die for and that is not an exaggeration.


The Musket Room.
With ingredients taken from its very own backyard garden, which include edible flowers, the Musket Room brings a fresh, New Zealand-inspired cuisine to Nolita. Not only will your dinner awaken your taste buds through a unique mix of flavors, but your eyes are sure to be pleased as well. The Musket Room turns plate presentation into pure art. Take a tour today!

musket room

Picture Source: Forbes

Brunch is one of my favorite pastimes and in New York City you are never short on options, but Dudley’s is by far one of the best summer brunch spots out there. Seriously, oh my color! Get your daily dose of fruits and veggies with a bright brunch plate that will leave your feeling magical. And the banana pancakes … lets just say you won’t be disappointed.

dudleys 5dudleysImage source Dudleys
So, what are you waiting for? Bon Appetit!

P.S. As always I would love to hear fro you about your favorite eating out spots. Share your  experience, suggestions, and favorite menus in NYC. We can’t wait to discover new delicious gems. 


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Dorade Espagnole Simply delicious

Impress your Friends & Family with this Simple Quick Delicious Fish, perfect for Lunch or Dinner and add some extra Gluten Free Natural Mila Omega 3


You will need: Beautiful silver platter, fresh Dorade  and good appetite!


2 Fresh Dorade 600g per person (aprox.1.3lb per person).

You will loose some more weight when removing the bones. Make sure your fish is fresh, skin has a nice shine, sharp eye sight, and the head is easy to separate by knife. Also make sure the blood has a vibrant red color.



get-attachment-4.aspx 4.03.14 AMgarlic 10 cloves

parsley 1 small bunch

sherry vinegar 3-4tbs

fleur de sel

olive oil


Piment d’espellete spice in red powder



Espelette pepper (small spicy red pepper)

You can sprinkle your salad or veggies with MILA seeds rich in Omega 3. So far this is the best most natural way to enrich your diet in Omega 3 gluten-trans fat-sugar-free.



Flake and cut the fish in half with clean wiped belly without separating it.  Gently smear some olive oil all over and sprinkle with fleur de sel (big pieces salt) . Put into the baking tray to pre-heated oven for 7minutes on each side in 425F temperature.

Slice garlic and cook in 20cl (aprox 7oz almost one glass) olive oil over medium heat. The secret to not to burn garlic is it to start cooking it in cold oil. Add small piece of red spicy espelette pepper to add flavor as shown in the picture above. Cook gently until garlic will start to shrink due to the water absorption and will change into nice light brownish color. Remove garlic when ready and put it on paper towel to absorb access of oil. Keep the remaining cooked oil for the final sauce glaze.  Chop parsley into fine pieces.

Once Dorade is cooked. Its important to place it into metallic platter as shown.  (All fish should always be served on the metallic platters). Open and separate it to fillet throughly getting rid of all bones. Put more fleur de sel and sprinkle over Piment d’espellete powder, add parsley, sliced cooked garlic, sherry vinegar, and finally glaze and cover everything with warm olive oil of garlic to complete this delicious dish.

Dinner, lunch is served!

As always I would love to hear from you and let me know how it turned out for you? 




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Rock your salad


What sets some salads apart? A fresh salad deserves earthy crisp produce ingredients, precision and attention to details that somehow seduce, come-hither sense.


Want to learn how to throw the perfect salad if you are on the go? These beautiful salads created by Sylwia Wiesenberg come handy and easy to prepare. You don’t have to go to a fancy restaurant to get them. Just toss some stone crabs, water crest, pea shoots, add some radishes and turnips for a flavor.


You can sprinkle some hemp seeds, drizzle with maple syrup and olive oil and foremost use your imagination for further garnishing with fleur de sel, pepper, and freshly squeezed lemon juice.

HEMP-SEEDS+Its all about hospitality, and everyone absorbs the cuisine through their own unique taste preferences. However with salad this simple delicious you will take on this season refreshing effects.




Serves 2-3


Bunch of stone crabs, water crest, pea shoots

2 radishes, 2 turnips

3 slices of tomatoes

1-2 tbs of hemp seeds or rosted pine nuts

1-2 tbs extra virgin olive oil

1 tbs organic maple syrup

1/2 lemon

2 gluten free organic small crackers

Set all the greens in your own rustic way creating beautiful pyramid out of the greens.    Toss sliced radishes and turnips around. Add slices of tomatoes and place them on the side. Sprinkle some hemp seeds or pine-nuts and crunched crackers. Gently pour olive oil, maple syrup, and squeeze some fresh lemon juice around. Add salt and pepper for a better taste. SALAD+





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Hands on Ostrich Frittata omelette Tuscan style gets served

No need to travel to Italy when Italy comes to your kitchen!  Recently I have been on cooking spin. What can I say? Once you cooked you are hooked. One thing is sure. It becomes part of your every day routine and plays major part of everyone’s around well being.

xYYbrIF5oKZ8LCxdi9WqPZ3Cu7bHQJsCHu0UGAOwx8oI love to experiment with different flavors and textures teasing my pallet while improving my culinary skills. Even though its not always turning perfect the piece of mind I get from it rewards my serendipity. I savor at multiple course gourmet lunch with a big help from Sylwia Wiesenberg who always makes it easy and delicious.

K8A34IdYUW6hTmTxIyglwcv25-VgxJJNeiTk8-BUUHoShe taught me how to make a simple frittata from an ostrich egg transforming it to fine dining. She is my newest “kitchen shaman” teaching the craft of ostrich egg. She is a visionary coming out with as fresh ideas as her entrees. Back at underbelly that gaze translates on the plate as pan pre-sauteed with ramps and tomatoes, then baked in the oven frittata finished with seasonal micro greens, sprinkle of hemp seeds, maple syrup



In the hands of Sylwia ostrich egg gets some serious handcrafting!



Serves 10


1 ostrich egg

2tbs of extra virgin olive oil

1 tbs of cows grass unsalted fed butter

1 bunch of ramps

2 large tomatoes

Salt, peper

Sautee ramps on small heat with olive oil and butter.  Add some tomatoes. Stir well for few minutes until ramps start to shrink in size. Pour the egg liquid mixture to the pan and gently shake it.  Leave it for few minutes on the small heat until the consistence saddles down. Pre-heat the oven to 375F. Bake it for 15-20minutes.  Serve with your favorite seasonal micro greens, radishes, and salads.




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Ostrich Egg Omelet and Chocolate mousse for your flat stomach

What’s in Your Kitchen?

Once again, I assisted my favorite gal (founder of Tonique Fitness) in the kitchen, and  today she was Chef Sylwia WiesenbergBoth of us experimented fully with cooking and developed our own passion for balanced, delicious, fresh healthy meals anyone can make and became quite good CHEFS!I  We often rely on each other’s taste of new samplings, always coming out with new varieties and JOCK POT RECIPES.hmtks5pxKgZyS2_bsNco9QdyuM3Hay6KvEQ9ERC47bk

Ladies, we all want to be able to fit into our Chihuahua-sized dresses and to do this, it isil_570xN.155576486 important to eat healthy! In today’s world, it can be so hard to resist the temptation of greasy fast-food when we are on-the go and too busy to cook. That’s why we located high-energy, delicious, seasonal produce from a local Farmer’s Market at Union Square immersing in the best of nature’s beauty loading on ramps, micro greens, radishes and sprouts. Today, Sylwia has shown us how to cook with an item most people are probably too intimated to use, an Ostrich Egg!

BPSkTKV-5wmzSi9795dbgeeEnKZW2Olh1G-N-BoqMaYThey are the giant eggs you see in Whole Foods Market that look like they could have come from a dinosaur or dragons! They may be intimidating, but once you conquer your fears, you’ll find that these ostrich eggs can be the star of your next meal!

They are just SO GOOD!  



You can impress your guests not only with your outfit but shine with your culinary skills as well.C6adeN8-Ju_8wXBZC1K99ZA_E5FaKMbNlT9lOOa4t7g The first challenge is to know how to open the ostrich egg. You can’t just crack it like a regular egg.

Chef Sylwia to the rescue!

She showed  how to graciously open the egg. Be patient to get it all out of the shell. It almost felt like a baby ostrich was going to emerge from the egg! Astonishingly, one ostrich egg is the equivalent of 24 chicken eggs, giving enough food to feed more than 10 people! To give flavor and add nutrients to this dish Sylwia used fresh ramps and radishes. Vegetables like these are a great way to add healthy food to your diet without breaking the bank.

They complete every course and commit you to keep those extra pounds off!


Once we tasted the finished product, I knew that ostrich egg would be in my diet from now on! I could hardly believe that they were healthy meals because they were so tasty!

The frittata and omelet are great healthy options to add to your diet and are very versatile too.

Photo1They can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, or dinner and you can swap in any ingredients you might have in your fridge at the time!e-Rl6gY-4mKFA21bkorGVaTAupleb3WPHwoSipINYbY

syDgH6TN6SdA_oc7kYx83zE9SWwFBzFLs2zC6c_MMigAnd now that you’ve eaten such a healthy dinner, don’t blow all of your hard work by dessert with a lot of calories! Chef Kasia shared a recipe for dessert that will blow your socks off! We all love dessert, especially chocolate, but there are ways to make your own at home that will save you calories and money! Chef Kasia’s recipe will prove to you that eating clean and healthy can be delicious too!

FpmrwJA0XsbSpOSfC76ODghULRuYywo6odVjy9dgKP8And with all of that money and calories you saved, you can go ahead and feel good about buying that new dress in the smaller size you’ve had your eye on! So, isn’t it worth it to go that extra mile and treat yourself right? Let us know what kind of healthy meals you like to cook at home! Do you like to cook with seasonal produce or even ostrich eggs? If you try any of Chef Sylvia’s recipes at home, let us know what you think! We’d love to hear your feedback!

Create a designer dish you will love!


Bon appetit!



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