New York Fashion Week Begins in 3, 2, 1 …




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September 4th marks the first day of the beloved New York Fashion week and I couldn’t be more excited to be back in Manhattan. With some of the most notable designers, models and celebrities coming together at Lincoln Center, the air is filled with positivity and inspiration. In the words of Elle Goulding, anything can happen.

While some are excited for the unveiling of new silhouettes, fragrance, patterns and trends, I am filled with excitement for the release of new, fashionable tech accessories. A smart bracelet and self-charging iPhone case, please tell me more!



As a lover of all things health and fashion I just had to have a Fitbit, so you could say I was more than excited when Tory Burch released her line of compatible jewelry (including a necklace, bracelet and band). Unfortunately, the July release turned out to be a “bit” disappointing with the lack of product quality. But coming from the rumor mill, those of us alike are in for a surprise, and hopefully it is one of superior quality.

Multiple designers have been collaborating with tech geniuses to prepare for NYFW 2014 and yes, they are set to release their new designs right on time. Take a deep breath. This is what I know:

Rebecca Minkoff has been working on a gold chain-link bracelet that doubles as a USB. Now you can accessorize while maintaining your mobile battery life. What’s not to like?


Source: Colorado Newsday

Similarly, the word is Opening Ceremony and the wizards over at Intel will be displaying a bracelet on the catwalk this week too. The concept has been kept under wraps but I’m certainly intrigued. Is it Sunday yet?

One of my favorite designers, Vivienne Tam paired with Zeusé to create a self-charging iPhone case also to be released on Sunday. Seeing as mine recently broke, I cannot wait to see the new design. Let’s hope it hits stores quickly!

And while we are distracted by the buzz happening in New York, we mustn’t forget the west coast. Apple is unapologetically set to release their new technological innovation this week too, and I’ve been told it’s a watch.

Whether these so-called trendy, fashion tech accessories last a season or forever one thing is for sure, this is going to be an exciting week for both industries!


P.S. As always I would like to hear from you which fashion gadget you are looking forward to put into some practical use? 


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