Looking for Heroes with John Quinones




I will admit I can be a sucker for the extraordinary. More importantly, I appreciate the broader message of what this word stands for: unbridled, openhearted expression. Seven-time Emmy Award winner John Quinones, the extraordinary host of the very popular ABC show “What would you do?” graciously joined me for a candid conversation with cameras rolling, and in just one conversation this brilliant man quickly became my hero.

With the tables turned it was my chance to pick his mind. We discussed the show, his humble upbringing, life in general and formula for success while I teased him with my delicious, self-made, raw organic chocolates. It was clear from the moment we began, his insistence and compelling attitude doesn’t just draw viewers in to his program but quickly leads them to develop an integral connection with him. His program provokes a true representation of our world today by creatively providing us with heart warming stories that push limits, exposing our pitfalls and careless behaviors. And while some of us fall victim to destructive and addictive behaviors that can harm others and ourselves, “What would you do?” portrays these scenarios with hired actors on screen that direct us to see the work we must do on ourselves in order to make a difference.

Through an ever-changing environment and new circumstances, the show creates necessary conditions to evoke an intervention in even the most conscientious people. The unraveling of these situations on screen creates a turning point that allows us to open our eyes and praise the true heroes in each story. We are then provided with a better understanding of human nature and can see a glimpse of hope for change in the future.

I must confess Mr. Quinones hypnotized me with his impressive, eloquent story telling of his journey and life experiences. It was obvious he is a passionate man filled with wisdom to share and my veneration for him had me hanging on to every word he spoke.

Covering every corner of visionary journalism for the past 30 years with ABC, John Quinones has influenced millions of people from all over the world. His impactful messages have led us to react and rush to rescue those in need. In the face of obstacle, Mr. Quinones does not give up. Some tasks test limits and go beyond the strength of an ordinary man, but John Quinones is no such thing. When confronted with issues of racism, domestic violence or injustice, we quickly learn how divided and ignorant we can be but the origins of the most fantastic, educational and courageous stories captured by hidden cameras come from his dedication to accomplishing everything he sets out to do. By displaying every angle of these adventurous tales, we have seen the touching messages each one holds and the new ways we can confront life.

While I’m all for celebrating wins and focusing on the positive, my talk with Mr. Quinones taught me how vital it is that we don’t feel shame about our mistakes or missteps either. We must learn not what people around us consider good or bad, but to act in life as our conscience bids us. From the mouth of John Quinones, “Do not do to others what you would not wish them to do to you.” I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to learn more about John Quinones and his life and intriguing work, and I must admit it was one of the best interviews I have had to date.

I salute you, Mr. Quinones. And I look forward to watching more of your inspiring and uplifting  “What would you do?” episodes in the near future.


P.S. As always I would like to hear from you what and who inspires you? Do you have or know a hero? Share your comments, stories and suggestions with the rest of us.



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