2014 World Cup dress code match to play






FOOTBALL-7+FOOTBALL-11+FOOTBALL-14+The wait is over. After four years, the WORLD CUP has finally arrived, and what better place to celebrate it than in Brazil. The World Cup teams provide a carnival of color and fashion into the field, commemorating their native countries, achievements, and soccer. From Brazil’s bright yellow shirts to Croatia’s red-checkered kit, the 2014 tournament features the classics, the creative, and the unusual strange patriotic jerseys.

Fashion experts have critiqued many team jerseys and I couldn’t be more in agreement with them. Soccer or football (as most South American and European countries would say) is a classic game. Teams wear a traditional and simple jersey to represent their countries and most importantly be comfortable since they will be playing for 90 minutes. But countries like Mexico and Slovenia have completely turned tables and went from simple to flashy. Other countries, like Cameroon and Brazil should be awarded “best dressed of the day”, truly showing their native roots.

But enough about the teams and the shirts they represent. Did you know that Pamela Anderson was discovered in a football game and got the gig “of being pretty famous” just because she was a bombshell back in the day? So hey, you never know, if you’re attending the World Cup in beautiful and exotic Brazil, dress to impress, you may be climbing the next big step of your career. You can always be the next Baywatch babe!

Now, over to my favorite part, the team players! There is no doubt to say, that soccer players are my weakness. They are the world’s fittest athletes, who, by the way, often celebrate a goal by flashing their rock-hard abdominals. But, then again, to be the fittest you have to be the healthiest. Not to use the word diet, but athletes all have routines, they need to exercise every day, specially run and lift, and eat healthy to maintain their resistance and rocking bodies.

If you think about it, the story repeats itself, whether you are a soccer player, a model, or a mom, to look good in the outside you need to feel good in the inside. Clearly, to be able to wear a tight soccer jersey, you need to be lean and mean. So, no matter who you are, exercise and eat healthy, so you can flaunt with confidence whatever it is you’re wearing.

P.S. As always I would like to hear from you about your favorite World Cup moments. Who is your favorite player, team and who you want to see winning that trophy. If you were going to the match what would you wear? Share your comments, suggestions and tips with the rest of us.


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