Best Colors to Wear this Summer 2015


CARLY-1CARLY-3+CARLY-4+CARLY-6+CARLYI am a huge believer that bright personalities are attracted to bright color schemes, which is definitely useful when deciding what to wear this summer season. I have noticed an obvious emerging style of pairing secondary colors together in outfits as well as prints. Prada’s summer line showcases this exact trend by highlighting the color orange in numerous outfits while keeping colors like purple and green strung minimally throughout.

If secondary colors are not much of an adventurous leap for you, perhaps you need to look towards On57NewYork for some iridescent inspiration. I love this collection since it combines the various bold colors, classic silhouettes and simple styles of the summer.  It blends everything into one easy stylish and colorful fashionista trend. Perfect summer colors this season seem to be cooler and warmer hues, which are somewhat reminiscent of nature. Many clothing lines have adopted a more ethereal look this summer, using understated brights and pale pastels to achieve that dreamlike hazy aura.

I personally gravitate towards the brighter tones of turquoise blues and yellows, most likely because they remind me of water and evoke a feeling of tranquility. At the end of the day, regardless of which colors seem to be in style or trending in the fashion world, you need to feel comfortable and fearless in whichever shade you decide to sport. If your heart is telling you one color but Vogue is pushing for the opposite, choose what looks best on you. The greatest accessory this summer besides your colorful exploration will be the confidence and attitude that comes along with it!


On57NewYork turquoise blue dress

On57NewYork yellow dress

Christian Louboutin red pump heels

Christian Louboutin pink pump heels

Gucci clutch wallet


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Five Cozy – chic Winter Trends to follow

Since winter has been heavily upon us with snow and blizzards, and the temperature dropping below 20F I thought I can give you some styling suggestions how to keep it chic & cosy this cold season. The oversized sweaters have begun to be very popular and when styled correctly they are great asset to everyone’s winter wardrobe. This casual smart Gucci cardigan is versatile, comfy and can be worn every day with jeans, slacks, or leggings.


We can add some classic Gucci Guccissima fringe scarf to complete this look.



The transition from season to season isn’t always smooth and the heat may have hit New York City a little late this year but don’t be fooled. This is a time for cold weather attire. Now I know it happened suddenly and you’re feeling unprepared but don’t sweat it. Our stylists here at Boutique On 57 have you covered with the fashionable winter five.

COLOR is first on our list. Go bold or go home! We’re only kidding, we would love to see you at our place but color is the name of the game. Whether it’s a vivid red pantsuit like one below from Biba or orange knit or some rich chocolate nail polish you’re going to see a lot of color. Mix and match (accentuate that orange knit with some bright red leather pants) or double up on one but either way, be sure to take a risk greater than neutral.


FUR. We know you aren’t new to the faux fur trend but this fall it’s all about eccentric looks. Pops of color, perhaps even patterns, fur has a whole new look so have some fun and experiment with this cozy trend. Check out this Dennis Basso broadtail trimmed brown coat.DENNIS-BASSO-COAT-2

If you usually find new pieces when shopping the vintage racks than you’ll love the fourth trend, SIXTIES. Groovy, we know. We love the sixties silhouettes so much over here at Boutique On 57 that they actually inspired Kasia’s new line (more on that another time).


The last of the winter five will keep you warm well through the winter season. We happen to love our TURTLENECKS. Form fitted sweater dresses? Oversized crop tops? This neckline knows no boundaries. Check this Brunello Cucinelli gray tunic, turtleneck top.

That may be the winter five but there are many other trends you’ll see pop up this fall including embellished socks, winter parkas, feline inspired prints and lets not forget velvet. Go for one or go for all, we can’t wait to see which trends you choose to sport.

P.S. As always I would love to hear from you how do you dress in cold winter season. What’s your favorite styles and trends this season? Share your commends and tips with the rest of us.


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