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In 1961, Dr. Bud Keith opened one of the very first gyms; it was called Healthhouse Gym and Juice Bar. Dr. Keith was a nutritionist and health fanatic way ahead of his time. “He knew that what we eat has a direct effect on what we feel,” and he wanted to share this knowledge with the world. So Bud decided to travel the states in a motorhome with his family to educate others on the importance of healthy living. And in an attempt to feed his eight children, he and his wife Barbara created their own protein bar that is now known today as the “Perfect Bar.”

Bud partnered with Jack LaLane in an effort to help change the way people viewed health and fitness, and to share his belief that “whole foods are the only acceptable source of nourishment for your body.” Don’t you agree? But while constantly traveling, it began to become difficult to feed his eight children whole, healthy foods. So one day Bud ground up a bunch of dried fruits and vegetables and mixed them with fresh peanut butter and honey. When he took one bite the only words he had were, “it’s perfect!”

The kids loved these “peanut butter” bars and would sell them on the street as other kids sold lemonade. It wasn’t until 2005 when their father was diagnosed with skin cancer that the idea to start a real business was ever discussed. There were now thirteen children and with a need to provide for her children, Barbara knew it was time to take a gamble and turn their family recipe into a family business.

“For the children to carry on that legacy is a show of dedication and passion and love for their father,” said Mike Burgener, Senior International Weightlifting Coach and friend of the family. And daughter Lee has explained that the business is truly “about learning and growing and building and sharing those nutrition principles that were instilled in us as kids… all of that together is what I think makes perfect bar perfect.” And I must say, I completely agree.

These days it may all be about “gluten free” or “organic” foods but in the 80s and 90s, Dr. Bud Keith and his ideas were considered a little out there. Luckily today the bars and the nutrition concepts behind them have become widely accepted and the loved by many. And with 20 organic super foods and high quality protein in every bar, who can complain?

You can find the Perfect Bar in the refrigerated section of your local grocery or convenience store like Wholefood. The Keith’s believe in Mother Nature’s natural preservative, cold. And remember as they say, “if a bar is not refrigerated, it is not perfect.” So go out today and look for Buddy the Bee, you know, that flying bodybuilder with wings and a stinger, and try one for yourself. I recommend the classic recipe, Almond Coconut. Or if you want the same nutty taste but with fewer calories, check out Almond Acai let me know what you think!

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P.S. As always I would like to hear from you what is your perfect bar experience? Which flavor is your favorited and how do you snack while traveling? Share your comments, tips and suggestions with the rest of us.


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Matthew Kenney Raw Food Vegan Culinary Academy










More Than An Education, Nothing Less Than An Inspiration

When I made the decision to pursue an education in the culinary arts, I knew I wanted to join a program that emphasized a raw, organic approach. I researched different options and wasn’t sure if I would find the right fit amongst the numerous unoriginal programs that existed. I was beginning to lose hope until one morning when I stumbled upon a comprehensive curriculum that embraced the true “art” of raw cooking. I was intrigued as I learned it attracted inspiring chefs from all across the globe and was founded in response to the increased demand for raw cooking in this industry. Like love at first sight, I knew I had found my perfect fit. So I took a leap of faith and flew to Santa Monica, California where I began learning from some of the very best at Matthew Kenney Culinary.

The Matthew Kenney mission is to advance cutting edge living cuisine and caters to those desiring “professional-style” techniques. Their programs “emphasize the use of whole, organic, unprocessed, plant-based foods to achieve healthy, aesthetically refined and flavorful cuisine.” But it was more than just frequent flyer miles and an attractive website that led me all the way to the west coast. What I loved most about Matthew Kenney Culinary was the intimate atmosphere in which you learn.

Upon arrival to Matthew Kenney Culinary I found myself admiring and pulling inspiration from their unique ambiance. I was encouraged to embrace my creativity and learn the true “art” of cooking and the preparation of raw, vegan cuisine. Classes were personalized and customized to my needs and I can honestly say I truly gained a hands-on experience. I couldn’t help but love every minute of my time in Santa Monica, learning much more than I had imagined. And to my surprise, I had the chance to learn from Matthew Kenney himself.

Not only did Matthew Kenney’s delicious cooking resemble that of a Picasso painting (yes, Picasso) but his superior approach to teaching was complimented by his encouraging, amiable demeanor. I am so gracious for his motivating and nurturing spirit and I am more than happy with my decision to fly across the country to learn from the best in raw cooking. With such a positive atmosphere, I couldn’t help but take my craft to the next level and I hope you all have the chance to taste my delicious raw chocolate and see for yourself just what I learned!

P.S. As always I would like to hear from you how do you boost your energy up? Share your commends, tips and suggestions with the rest of us. 



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Cinnamon Snail The Number One Food Truck in New York City



CINAMON-SNAIL-16CINAMON-SNAIL-24CINAMON-SNAIL-29As a certified health educator and culinary graduate with a specialization in raw chocolates and pastries, you can imagine the importance I place on healthy eating for both body and mind. But as a business owner living in New York City, I can appreciate the convenience of grabbing a meal on the go. It can be hard to maintain a healthy diet when you can’t find the time to grocery shop, let alone cook at home. So when I recently came across an all vegan food truck I knew I had to share my experience.

On my way to work one day, I noticed a colorful truck in the distance with a long line of people. When I reached the corner of 55th and Broadway, I recognized the name written across the side, the Cinnamon Snail. I knew I had heard of this food truck before so I decided to join the masses waiting for a fresh pastry and a delicious wrap sandwiches. While in line, I quickly remembered where I had heard about this food truck once I overheard a woman tell her friend they were listed on Yelp as the number one place to eat in NYC. With my memory refreshed, I had to chime in and the ladies proceeded to tell me about their favorite dishes.

Grabbing a quick bite to eat on your way to work or in between meetings doesn’t have to be a high calorie, high fat, greasy breakfast sandwich. The Cinnamon Snail is an all vegan food truck that offers delicious and healthy breakfast and lunch options, and the occasional dinner, along with a decadent list of pastries and desserts. From gluten free nut blondie bars to raspberry blackout or jalapeno brownies, be prepared for your mouth to water with desire, just as mine did.

The menu changes with the seasons including weekly specials and soups and everything is baked fresh daily, beginning as early as 3am. By the time it was my turn to order, some of the pastries had already sold out and it wasn’t even 10AM yet. I couldn’t believe it! But even with some items already gone, it was hard to choose because everything looked so delicious. I decided to go with their vegan chocolate cheesecake doughnut and was more than satisfied. It was so good, in fact, that I took another trip to CS again that same week!

What I love about the Cinnamon Snail is that they offer much more than a healthy, delicious meal. They offer an original experience. In an effort to keep their fans intrigued (and because it can be difficult to find the same parking spot twice) you must follow them on Twitter or Facebook to find their location for the day. Then when you get there, you’ll most likely find yourself joining a long line of people excited to try the many different options available. But don’t stress about the wait, the crowd is always friendly and willing to share with you their favorite dishes! And if you love to cook like I do, you might even find yourself in a cooking class with some of these other foodies. You have to watch the Facebook page closely though because the popular Cinnamon Snail cooking classes usually sell out within one hour but I hear they are absolutely amazing.

After learning all about the Cinnamon Snail, I was quite impressed to find out they have only been around since February of 2010. Already they have won the number one place to eat in NYC on Yelp twice. According to the Huffington Post, they are also one of the ten best food trucks in America. And they pride themselves on being true humanitarians. If you don’t have the money, no need to worry. They are happy to put some yummy food into the bellies of the needy and are willing to barter with creative types too. Why not put your food photography skills to use and enjoy some free healthy, delicious vegan food? I can assure you, you won’t be disappointed.

And if you really love the Cinnamon Snail, consider supporting them by ordering some fun, fashionable items from their Etsy shop. Their “We Test on Animals” tee really had me laughing. And I love their rainbow unicorn shirt, reminiscent of Lisa Frank products. But even without their fancy truck, popular cooking classes and fun swag, the Cinnamon Snail gets my vote for the best vegan food truck in NYC because of their unique creations that are always healthy and delicious.

Check out their Facebook or Twitter page to find out where they are today:


P.S. As always I would like to hear from you if you even happen to try those delicious doughnuts please share your experience, and with the rest of us.


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