The day I decided to stop rushing









Look no further but in a close distance of every passer by we briefly rub shoulders with.  Its evident that we are in a rat race. I catch myself multi tasking reading while walking, answering my cell, searching the net, while watching TV with focus on completely something else. Does this sound familiar to you? I run at 1000 miles per hour trying to cross off my to do list. Each time I proudly put a check mark on any completed task there seems to be three new one immediately popping up. Its a vicious cycle. It starts and ends all over again where time creates this story.

We are all obsessed with time. It seems unfairly speeding faster each day. We all have the same 24 hours given and its up to us what kind of relationship we decide to have with it. If used unwisely it can become our personal deficit crisis without roll over minutes. Like airlines we overbook ourselves believing that we can handle it all. I developed a guilty conscious If I miss attending some event, or a meeting wishing that I could participate in it all at the same time. Often I keep on saying that I crave to clone myself. But is this a way to live? There is only one me. And if you are talking to everybody most likely it means you talking to nobody. Its actually a very costly way to live. NY is the mecca for speed and stress. Its a jungle but instead of palm trees there is lots of concrete, glass, high skypers and unfixed potholes on the streets that damage our overpriced uncomfortable Loubotins pumps. People see value in everything that is super size me, big ticket or over the top. There are so many stimuli competing for our attention. It isn’t good strategy and I think it originates in the lack of confidence.

More then 22 million people in US use illegal drugs, 12 millon use prescription painkillers without a medical reason, and almost 9 million need sleep aids to go to sleep. And the percentage of adults taking antidepressants has gone up 400% since 1988. Those numbers continue to rise. We check our cell phones every 6 minutes. Facebook mania took over obsession of photographing every moment instead of living it.

Can we really give our full attention to anything or anyone anymore? We expect people to get us precisely cutting to the chase instead of waisting our precious time.

It feels like hitting the pause button has great risks in the city that thrives on speed. Otherwise if you don’t come to your senses and don’t hit it sooner or later it will hit you!  But who needs that brutal wake up call?  Wouldn’t be easier to start investing in slowing down, catching a breath, recharging through good night sleep and finally noticing some people and surroundings?. While New York movers and shakers quickly find their perches, their deals get done. We think the more we accomplish we will be recognized and rewarded. It pierces through the crust of our everyday senseless preoccupations.

Observing a lot of sickness and unhappiness around me I have made enormous progress, slowing down, shifting my priorities, letting unimportant go, shutting the door to people who drained me and majorily opening up for wonder. It unfolded the big hunt of reaching for the sky. I loved everything and everybody new around me. Changing the diet to plant base increased my energy, radiance, happiness, and focus. Because Food breeds loyalty. And the best way to everyone’s heart is precisely through that. Unexpectedly new exciting opportunities appeared, beautiful people crossed my path, lots of delicious deserts and gourmet recipes got created and I was proudly sharing my creative discoveries with everyone who listened. My girlfriends started cooking, shopping at farmer’s market and paying more attention to healthy mind and body refueling  We were co-creating this sane space.

For things to change everything had to change. I cherish my morning self made green juice over Via Quadrono $5 cappuccino, growing my own sprouts, being brave to drink daily wheat grass shots, cross walk or jog central park. I found piece in cooking, meditation, yoga, nature, grounding and heaven slice of my Upper East Side neighborhood. This is an area matching very much with my blood. Sweet, quiet, clean, blooming, steps from the park. Exactly how its always been. I was just too busy rushing to notice it!


P.S. As always I would like to hear from you how do you slow down your busy life. What is the best way you cope with stress? Share your comments, tips and suggestions with the rest of us.


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