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With so many traveling restrictions forced upon us “VOYAGE” became strategic game planning. I admire those girls who travel with their high heels perfectly tucked in outfits carrying luxurious luggage. I’ve been watching them closely and decided to follow their stiletto steps.

I didn’t quite understand how they manage to stay so perfectly put together while rushing to their final destinations.
What I did understand however, were all the luxurious designer travel bags they were carrying. From Louis Vuitton to Prada and many more, it was time for me to find my perfect luggage match. Suitcase sizes and weight is always an issue for me and I have to prepare my packing painlessly. Otherwise I will be the one who will literally drug that extra weight on my shoulders at the airport terminals.

Being a fashionista and now travelista, all on a budget, I have found the simplest way to travel fashionably and light. It is merely just having the right designer bag that is professional but stylish as well. Let’s be honest, traveling and looking stylish makes the whole experience so much more thrilling. I have found two designer bags to use while getting away that are very practical and make my experience so much better. I love the luxury of Goyard foldable garment bag. With pockets for shoes, multi compartments and hanging dresses this bag is the ultimate convenience to fit it all in.!.
Another great find is large cross body messenger style by Gucci made of calfskin black leather. What I love about it is the impact of lightness and multi functionality.
I can easily pack my essentials while getting away fro the weekend, going to the gym, or carry it on the plane with me. Both of these bags make sense to travel because they are simple, durable, and luxurious.
Now every Travelonista can travel like real Fashionista.

Safe travels!

Outfits used in the photos:

Goyard Garment bag click here 

Gucci messenger black bag click here

Dolce & Gabbana turquoise blue dress click here  

Blumarine red dress click here


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Travel in Style with Durable Luggage

Oh the places you’ll go… as long as you’ve got the right bags, of course! You are both stylish and durable (in a sense), right? So why shouldn’t your luggage be the same!? Check out these brands that are known around the world as the best.


Lipault Paris is known for its lightweight luggage options. Its foldable soft shell bags boast that they “add 0% excess weight and space to your travels”. With the high fees and extreme weight/size limitations these days, lightweight baggage is a huge advantage! Check out their collections here at



Rimowa Germany is among the top manufacturers of luggage in Europe. Valuing durability, their hard shells are always sleek and chic while providing your luggage with excellent protection from certain airport staff who may not “handle with care”. They’ve even combined the hard and soft concept in some of their hybrid styles. Check out all their styles and looks here at


Taking pride in their variety of collections, Tumi has the luggage for any occasion – in any style, I might add. They’ve got everyday collections like wallets and handbags, business collections including briefcases and the like, and your typical travel collections with duffels and suitcases. Check out their entire collection here at

What’s your favorite brand of luggage? I personally like Tumi just because of its versatile selection. They always have what I’m looking for!

Your fashion guru,




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The Luxurious Battle of Handbags: Valextra vs Hermes

Hermes is known for its leather and has bags for any occasion, while Valextra is an upcoming brand that is becoming increasingly popular and is getting more interest from the public eye. So which luxury brand is really most luxurious???


Hermes bags are known for their luxurious quality. From day to evening to luggage, you can find many of the styles you’re looking for all made from premium leather.

Check out the entire collection here at



Valextra is a fairly new brand or is at least fairly new at being popular. Its bags are fine and appear clean-cut and very obviously luxurious. Some of its styles are similar to those of Hermes, but that still leaves the question of who does it better?


Where I do believe that Valextra has the advantage is in its variety. Valextra has a wide selection of items within its categories of clutches, luggage, everyday bags, and more. Check out the entire collection here at

So who won this royal battle? Why don’t I let you decide… Tell me which designer brand you like best!

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Your fashion guru,




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