Denim that never goes out of style

JEANS-7JEANS-8JEANS-11jeans-2jeans-1Will we ever get sick of denim? It all started as simple men’s work wear, and now it has become a modern day closet for practically everyone. Denim offers an endless variety of indigo washes, specialty fabrics, and every different silhouettes; the styling possibilities are endless. Denim has been transformed into shorts, skirts, t-shirts, jackets, and the rest is left for your imagination. They go with just about everything.

In my case, I could never get tired of denim, it’s a classic and it’s too fun. Denim has been versatile and useful throughout the years. It’s inspirational how it has evolved in the fashion world for the better.

In my wardrobe I have a denim Levi white jacket. I used to wear it back in the day for every occasion, but stopped using it because I thought it was old-fashioned and that no one wore denim jackets, I felt out of place. But I’ve given it a second chance. I use it with everything, just like how it was twenty years ago, with a fun played dress, with a pair of jeans, even with my exercise clothing when I leave the gym. It truly is a life savor.

Regarding jeans, I have countless pairs in every color. When you find the right fit for your bottoms, you need to have more! My favorite brand is AG by Adriano Goldsmith , and True Religion. I feel comfortable in them and the fit is just right. And if you need to explore your options I would highly recommend you give AG a  try. This is an amazing brand for every shape and size. They offer different cuts depending on your taste. Be careful; don’t let denim carry you away!

I also love my buttoned-up denim t-shirt. I can wear it with a pair of jeans (denim on denim), over my swimsuit, with a colored skirt, anything, and it never ceases to bore me. It’s such a classic look that it’s really hard to go wrong. You can wear it around your waist with a simple tank top, or on top of it unbuttoned. There are million ways of wearing it depending on your style and comfort zone.

Let’s make denim the “it” trend of summer!


Blue: 7 for all man kind 

red: Koral

White: True Religion


P.S. As always I would like to hear from you what is your favorite jeans brand and style? Share your comments, tips and suggestions with the rest of us. 


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