Addicted to happiness with Dr. Brian Clements







I keep saying that I don’t know what would have I done if I never met Dr. Clement in my life. One thing is certain that when a student is ready teacher always appears. When I meet him it felt so natural to squeeze every drop of wisdom, kindness and generosity out of him as he has plenty to share with everyone. Prior coming to Hippocrates Institute I have heard amazing things about him. He had huge dreams and even bigger vision to build this place where everyone from all over the world can come and indulge in new rawlishes life, daily shots of wheatgrass, green juices, find peace, happiness, longevity and get tons of support. He has been my role model teaching me that “The choices we make determine our fate”.

Millions of people worldwide suffer from malnutrition, poor guidance, stress and conflict. Fortunately there are people dedicated to give us tools of wisdom, love and passion to reboot our belief systems and start living lives we were meant to. With the 40 years of promoting this legacy Dr. Brian and Anna Maria Clement vision provokes people to take responsibility to make more sensible style lives. Health is wealth where generating positive mind set, joy, strength and thrive doesn’t happen by chance. As Dr. Clement said he doesn’t heal no one rather we are our own healers. Its up to us to begin to see this way to health and wealth.

The ultimate goal for most of us is to make it to haven. I feel that I am so ahead of myself and I am already in celestial zone since my studies at Hippocrates Health Institute I would be surprised if “promised land” could match this magical place with its glory, tranquility miracles and all blessings showered upon everyone here. The concept of time doesn’t exist here.  Each guest can start learning from wherever they need to begin in order to grow, heal and transform their life. Regardless if you need to overcome your health challenges or improve a well-being staying in harmony with nature gives everyone courage and commitment to live responsible life. I believe that all the time we spend in Nature heals, soothes and changes us right down to the core of our being. Slowly we discover that Nature calms the anger and drama in our head and things start to calm down and relax. Most of us accumulate toxins we don’t even understand. We are literally, physically addicted to the stress hormones that are released into our body by the perpetual drama and frantic activity. Often this takes severe toll on our body, mind and spirit. Through the health education program at Hippocrates Health Institute, its the premiere natural guidance to wellness with passionate stuff, and major dedication for self-fulfilled life. You will need to abandon your unhealthy habits and give a chance to new organic life. We are one big family here.

The core principle to well being here is based on raw living food diet. For some this could be totally new experience and challenge to get used to. Give it a time and you will be pleasantly surprised of developing new delicious palete. Hippocrates diet consists of 80% raw and 20% cooked food. The executive chef Ken Blue coordinates delicious and colorful buffet that is rich in variety of organic fresh sprouts, salads, legumes, sweet peppers and side dishes properly food combined. There is no salt, nor vinegar used. So far my favorite dish has been kelp pasta with mild sweet flavor, and nut icecream served every saturday. You should see the lines when they get hand out. During my internship with chef Ken in the kitchen I had an opportunity to observe how efficiently everything gets prepared with detailed precision, caring, and locally sourced top quality products. There is no cutting corners on products nor produce substitution. It was a great experience to share this knowledge where I could test this theory with my own new possibilities to create inspiring fun vegan recipes.

The second main success component of the program is wheat grass juice. Its considered here to be literately “blood transfusion”. When I learned about its health wonders and rich nutritious content with full balanced spectrum of vitamins and minerals I made sure I got plenty of this miraculous liquid. Instantly my energy and endurance improved, but the most exciting was relief of heavy menstrual cramps. If you are looking for hard-core natural health and healing guidance I suggest you seriously take the time to drink 2 oz twice daily of these fresh shots. You can learn how to grow your own living foods including wheatgrass and sprouts, juice and garden at classes offered by Brian Hetrich.

Its almost unbelievable that the way to heaven is not that complicated!

P.S. As always I would like to hear from you what is your philosophy on diet, and healthy living? How do you cope with stress and how do you relax? Share your comments, suggestions and advise with the rest of us.




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The day I decided to stop rushing









Look no further but in a close distance of every passer by we briefly rub shoulders with.  Its evident that we are in a rat race. I catch myself multi tasking reading while walking, answering my cell, searching the net, while watching TV with focus on completely something else. Does this sound familiar to you? I run at 1000 miles per hour trying to cross off my to do list. Each time I proudly put a check mark on any completed task there seems to be three new one immediately popping up. Its a vicious cycle. It starts and ends all over again where time creates this story.

We are all obsessed with time. It seems unfairly speeding faster each day. We all have the same 24 hours given and its up to us what kind of relationship we decide to have with it. If used unwisely it can become our personal deficit crisis without roll over minutes. Like airlines we overbook ourselves believing that we can handle it all. I developed a guilty conscious If I miss attending some event, or a meeting wishing that I could participate in it all at the same time. Often I keep on saying that I crave to clone myself. But is this a way to live? There is only one me. And if you are talking to everybody most likely it means you talking to nobody. Its actually a very costly way to live. NY is the mecca for speed and stress. Its a jungle but instead of palm trees there is lots of concrete, glass, high skypers and unfixed potholes on the streets that damage our overpriced uncomfortable Loubotins pumps. People see value in everything that is super size me, big ticket or over the top. There are so many stimuli competing for our attention. It isn’t good strategy and I think it originates in the lack of confidence.

More then 22 million people in US use illegal drugs, 12 millon use prescription painkillers without a medical reason, and almost 9 million need sleep aids to go to sleep. And the percentage of adults taking antidepressants has gone up 400% since 1988. Those numbers continue to rise. We check our cell phones every 6 minutes. Facebook mania took over obsession of photographing every moment instead of living it.

Can we really give our full attention to anything or anyone anymore? We expect people to get us precisely cutting to the chase instead of waisting our precious time.

It feels like hitting the pause button has great risks in the city that thrives on speed. Otherwise if you don’t come to your senses and don’t hit it sooner or later it will hit you!  But who needs that brutal wake up call?  Wouldn’t be easier to start investing in slowing down, catching a breath, recharging through good night sleep and finally noticing some people and surroundings?. While New York movers and shakers quickly find their perches, their deals get done. We think the more we accomplish we will be recognized and rewarded. It pierces through the crust of our everyday senseless preoccupations.

Observing a lot of sickness and unhappiness around me I have made enormous progress, slowing down, shifting my priorities, letting unimportant go, shutting the door to people who drained me and majorily opening up for wonder. It unfolded the big hunt of reaching for the sky. I loved everything and everybody new around me. Changing the diet to plant base increased my energy, radiance, happiness, and focus. Because Food breeds loyalty. And the best way to everyone’s heart is precisely through that. Unexpectedly new exciting opportunities appeared, beautiful people crossed my path, lots of delicious deserts and gourmet recipes got created and I was proudly sharing my creative discoveries with everyone who listened. My girlfriends started cooking, shopping at farmer’s market and paying more attention to healthy mind and body refueling  We were co-creating this sane space.

For things to change everything had to change. I cherish my morning self made green juice over Via Quadrono $5 cappuccino, growing my own sprouts, being brave to drink daily wheat grass shots, cross walk or jog central park. I found piece in cooking, meditation, yoga, nature, grounding and heaven slice of my Upper East Side neighborhood. This is an area matching very much with my blood. Sweet, quiet, clean, blooming, steps from the park. Exactly how its always been. I was just too busy rushing to notice it!


P.S. As always I would like to hear from you how do you slow down your busy life. What is the best way you cope with stress? Share your comments, tips and suggestions with the rest of us.


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Value of Blue green algae detox






When my body gets all nutrients it needs I feel satisfied, rebooted and stay away from “illegal” sweet cravings. My appetite is suppressed and I am totally in charge how to nutrify my cells while accelerating rebuilding them. One of the best way I learned to do just that is consuming blue green algae.  It has a consistency of pea soup covering lakes with huge dense abundance of nutrients. There has been so much misinformation on the internet about this magical super plant. Blue-green algae are profusely found in tropical or subtropical wild waters that have a high-salt content, but some types grow in large fresh water lakes. Currently they grow in only one lake in the world: Klamath Lake in southern Oregon, US. Several authors and scientists claim that they restore balance to life gradually leading to living more sensible lifestyle. They are the highest vegetarian source of vitamin B-12 available, and high in beta-carotene. If you are thinking of detoxing and restoring balance to your body this is the most efficient way to cross the brain barrier. There are some great results manifesting significant improvement in Alzheimer’s disease as well as there are reported cases of enhanced athletes performance. I personally have been experiencing enormous amount of energy and strength.

Blue green algae is on the top of my list when I think of successful detox. I want to make sure that all toxins can be successfully removed from my system. Its vital to restore the energy, recondition clearer thinking, get more sound sleep and have more stamina. It kicks off a wide spectrum of minerals and trace minerals, as well as wide range of vitamins. The list goes on. It additionally removes heavy metals and radiation by simply absorbing it like a sponge. I consider it my initial investment for healthy skin, hair, nails but foremost strengthener and rebuilder of the immune system. These simple plants have the ability to convert toxic waste material into passive substances, provide free radical protection, and supply essential and nonessential amino acids. Personally the most appealing to me is the fact that they have power to enhance energy and ability to manage stress, strengthen immune system, and improve attention and alertness. With that said I make sure to put into my green juice 2 oz daily of E3 Live or when travel I take LifeGive Body 4 capsules with each meal. 

P.S. As always I would like to hear from you what has been your experience with blue green algae. Share your comments, suggestions and advice with the rest of us.KASIA



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