Few more days to wear white until Labor Day

RENE-OFFICE-13RENE-OFFICE-19RENE-OFFICE-15RENE-OFFICE-20Even though summer vacation is technically here, most of us unfortunately do not get a vacation from the office. I often try to think about cool and collected when choosing an outfit for the workday ahead. There are definitely some “do’s” and “don’ts” in dressing for work, especially in the smoldering temperatures outside. With such hot weather, I try to keep my outfits breezy without showing an uncomfortable amount of skin. Instead of wearing a completely strapless top, I often pair it with a matching blazer or vest to keep the sense of professionalism.

My true feminine side comes out whenever I am draped in one of my favorite dresses. The key to wearing dresses in the workplace is to always keep it slightly above the knee or longer. Even though you may have the best legs in Manhattan, it is never a becoming look to have your coworkers see more than they signed on for. Gucci’s summer line of business clothing will satisfy that need to be girly while still being refined especially when the thermometer exceeds ninety degrees.  The styles and cuts of this line are conservative, yet the tailoring of each piece will flatter your figure and keep your shape.

What would the summer months be without flip-flops and sandals? Although I am a girl at heart who loves the comforting feeling of strappy shoes on her feet, there is room in the workplace for more stylish and polished options. To satisfy your comfort, but not to surrender your style, wedges and low heels are perfect for all day long events and meetings. Lanvin wedges are sleek styles that won’t blister your feet in the already blistering sun. Some other great designers to keep in mind for your perfect workplace summer shoe are Salvatore Ferragamo, and Chanel ballerina flats. Cool, calm and comfortable are the fashion workplace goals for this season. What kinds of office attire do you style yourself in when trying to keep dry this summer?


White pant suit  –  Dolce & Gabbana





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