Color of this Year Radiant orchid

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lavenedr-dress-5lavender-dressLive in color! Although I will always love my little black dress or my oversized black sunglasses, when I’m wearing bright colors I inhale and produce good vibes. People who wear colorful clothing are more likely to live in a positive atmosphere than those who wear darker colors. So, lets celebrate color! Every year Pantone chooses a color of the year, and this year 2014, they’ve chosen “Radiant Orchid”.

Radiant Orchid is a beautiful pallet of color, mixing fuchsia with purple and pink. Did you know that purple is the charm color? It radiates confidence, joy, health, and love. The color also encourages creativity, originality, and imagination, three appearances that nowadays society truly values. Radiant Orchid is not only beneficiary for your lifestyle and soul, but also, for fashion and beauty.

Radiant Orchid’s rosy undertones radiate on your skin, producing a healthy and natural glow on your skin. It also enlivens your skin, making you feel more healthy and energetic… and trust me; there is no better sensation than that. It is flattering on your skin, your hair, and eye tones. In other words, it’s the color that perfectly suits everyone.

As a healthy fashion stylist, I always try to encourage and sneak into my blog posts exercise and healthy eating, since there is no better way of living than healthy vital living. So, imagine feeling active after a 45 minute spinning class, sipping into a raw cleansing juice dripping down your throat, wearing a fabulous Radiant Orchid dress!! Take my words that you’re are going to have more than one person drooling over you.

This vibrant color can easily lighten up and reenergize any room. Wear it! Own it! Feel beautiful and confident. It’s your time! Plus, it’s summer! Summer is the “it” season to wear Radiant Orchid, whether you are in the city or the beach, there is no doubt you are going to feel amazing.



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